Fitness is a journey

I personally do not have a preference for a specific body type..  and believe everyone is beautiful…  I never had a mental struggle to look like someone… but I always believed in having a healthy and fit body…its all about investing in the future of your body…

Now a days everyone is looking for quick fixes to look good or loose weight… but fitness is not a destination, it’s  a journey… it takes lot of hard work and discipline to condition your body and transform it…

Skinny teas, skipping meals or diet pills are the worst enemies.. This quick fixes can have harmful effect on our body like nausea, weakness or worst organ failures and other serious health complications.. this are not even  worth it..

Just a simple consistency in life in form of eating balanced diet, staying hydrated and exercising regularly are enough for to set the ball rolling for you!screenshot_20170829-144851.png



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