Why Do You Need A Wellness Coach?

We have all kinds of coaches from life coach to career coach to business coach to swimming coach to math coach and many other coaches. We don’t have a permanent Wellness Coach. Our health is at the mercy a doctor when our body refuses to work or gives worrying signals. On one hand, we have […]

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Do You Know Practicing Jainism Can Boost Health & Peace?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today announced Fit India Movement. This is absolutely necessary and much-delayed movement.  You Need to Know Why Practicing Jainism Can Propels Health & Peace? Health and Fitness are not only about going to the Gym or doing exercise or having the right diet. Everything will go haywire if your mental and […]

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Before it’s Too Late, What You Need to Know About Your Emotional Health?

V.G. Siddhartha, MD of CCD, committed suicide. Many others especially students and entrepreneurs are also committing suicide every year.  They are not as vulnerable as poor farmers in the village deprived of all resources and commits suicide due to the hardship of existence. Many people commit suicide as they are not able to deal with […]

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10 must attend Free online short healthcare courses

“The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.” Bertrand Russell We are living in exciting times. The internet is the reason for this excitement. Many things which we wanted to learn can now be learned not only online but for free. There are online giants like Khan Academy, Future Learn, Udemy, […]