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How to Deal With Your Fitness Enemies in Corona Time?

“There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.” John Green We all know what to do to deal with China and Pakistan, totally oblivion of what to do to deal with Coronavirus and for that matter how to prevent and fight any diseases. Strong military, latest weapons, determined, and decisive leadership are […]

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Do You Know the 3 Death Time Wisdom of Alexander, the Great?

Sudden Birth Sudden Death We all are clueless about it. Life in-between spent in constant unrest, fear, pursuing unfulfilled desires, and accumulation of material things. In the process we earn grudges, animosity, indulging in process dishonesty, selfishness, and insensitive living. By pursuing the endless agenda of the mortal body, our Immortal Soul adds bundles of […]

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Self-Renewal Is Mandatory In The Post Pandemic World. How To Do It?

Post pandemic (corona/ Covid 18) world won’t be the same. Everyone would be required to reimagine their role, way of working, and means to survive. I am happy to update my post written in Sep last year for the benefit readers. It is vital and a must-read for all. Today I read a Tweet by […]