Top 8 Naturopathy Destinations in India You Need to Visit

“Every acute disease is a result of the cleansing and healing effect of nature. If you suppress the acute conditions by drugs or by any other means, you are simply laying the foundation for chronic diseases.” Dr. Lindlahr

Naturopathy is the Pathy people are now moving towards to find a solution to their chronic health-related issues. Naturopathy is not a medicine or treatment, it’s a way of life. Going away from nature is our problem so going towards nature is our way to find the solution.

India is known for Naturopathy and Ayurveda. We have many Naturopathy centers in India. I have selected eight of them for the benefit of readers.

  1. Nimba Nature Cure, Mehsana, Gujarat

This belongs to the Oswal group. This is one of the finest Nature Cure centers in Western India. They are specialised in respiratory, gastrointestinal, muscular skeleton, endocrine, and lifestyle diseases.  They also have an Ayurveda wellness center.

  1. Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat, Igatpuri, Maharashtra

Located in Igatpuri, Maharashtra, this center is specialised in respiratory, gastrointestinal, muscular skeleton, endocrine, and lifestyle diseases. The center is managed by Maa Chaitanya Meera and Gurumaa.

  1. Jindal Nature Cure Institute, Bangaluru, Karnataka

This is the only one I have visited & stayed many years ago. There is always a waiting list to get a booking here.

In 1979, Dr. S. R. Jindal, an eminent industrialist, and a philanthropist started the Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences as a charitable hospital under Sitaram Jindal Trust. It is on the outskirts of Bangalore in an Eco-friendly campus of 130 acres of lush greenery. This Institute was later renamed as Jindal Nature Cure Institute (JNI)

They treat multiple diseases. They have some treatments at no cost and some are at a nominal cost also.

4. Shankus Natural Health Center, Mehsana, Gujarat


This is another one in Mehsana, Gujarat. Mehsana and Gujarat are appearing to be a new Naturopathy hub. Here the facilities include an Ayurveda center, Gym, Beauty Salon, Cooking Demo, Organic Farm, and much more. They treat chronic diseases. and have wellness programs.

Curious souls can have look at their daily schedule.

5. Birla Naturopathy & Yoga Kendra, Rajasthan

This is situated in Pilani, Rajasthan. Pilani is also known for BITS, a leading engineering college.

This facility is spread over 80 acres. They treat various diseases with naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, and Physiotherapy.

Apart from these, the soil of the yoga center is enriched with all the basic nutrients which are supporting the nourishment of crops like wheat, grains, moon, etc. Not only this the soil also supports the livelihood of some seasonal as well as non-seasonal fruits and vegetables such as pomegranate, orange, carrot, lemon, cucumber, pumpkin, cauliflower, cabbage, onion, and more.

6. Navjivan Nature Cure Center, Mandavi, Bhuj, Gujarat

Wife of Shri Ramnik Chhadva (Mrs. Maniben R Chhadva) suffered from arthritis, and he did everything to get this problem cured, but unfortunately did not succeed. After meeting specialist doctors and trying alternative medicine his wife and he were not satisfied with the results. His search for a cure led him to the naturopathy hospital in Bhuj. After acquiring the trust in naturopathy, he and his wife opted to make this the way of living. He took over this nature cure center from Bhuj and relocated in amidst of natural beauty some 34 km away from city hurdles.

They are located in Bhuj where the climate is extreme in winter and summer so opts for your time accordingly. They undertake Yoga, meditation, Panchakarma,  acupressure, massages, herbal, physiotherapy treatments.

 7. Bishop Kurialacherry Nature Cure & Yoga Center, Kottayam, Kerala

BK Kerala

Located in Kottayam in Kerala, this was started in 1980. They treat ailment like a complete range of treatments for ailments like Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, Migraine etc.

Kottayam is a tourist place.

8. Nisargopachar Kendra, Vinoba Ashram, Gotri, Vadodara, Gujarat


The Center was established in 1978 by Vadodara District Sarvodaya Mandal, a registered charitable trust. The activities of the trust are inspired by the common ideology of Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave, Jayprakash Narayan. The Center is run with the mission to provide a nature cure an alternative therapy with a scientific and holistic approach and to develop awareness towards a healthy lifestyle in the society.

They have published various ebooks on various diseases.

These are not top ten centers based on any research or survey but I have selected based on Tripadvisor, Google, and other reviews.

Check out tariff plans, your specific needs, admission requirements, and the temperature of the place before deciding.

My experience with Jindal Nature Cure, Bangalore was very good, but it was about 23 years back. Many others have come up during all these years. Once in a life, even if you are not suffering from any disease, it is worth to visit Naturopathy centers for a few days. It could be the beginning of a new way of life.

“It is the health is the real wealth, not the pieces of gold and silver.” Mahatma Gandhi

Here is a link to my new book Balancing is the Work published on 31st Oct 2020.

Balancing is the Work



3 thoughts on “Top 8 Naturopathy Destinations in India You Need to Visit

  1. Nirvana Naturopathy, Igatpuri :- I appreciate choti maa and guru maa for what they have created today but due to some issues with doctors (Dr. Richa’s attitude ) and management, it’s affecting their name and fame. Like me, there have been so many people, who’s complaints were unseen and unheard by them. And no one like to create issues or fight for it. So they don’t bother to by saying “forget it, it’s our bad luck that we got looted here”. But this forget it, chod naa, hota hai chalta hai.. will go on till when?

    Total waste of money 50k , Time & More Pain. Think twice before going here.


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