International Yoga Day
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Things to do on Yoga day

Symbolism must end at some point and in-depth understanding must begin. Everyone from the Prime Minister to citizens across the globe will celebrate the Yoga day on 21st June. They all will perform a few Asana in the public domain and the celebration will end, one more year. Just knowing about Asana and Pranayama for… Continue reading Things to do on Yoga day

Yoga Day
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You can do Yoga 24 X 7- Know from Dev Anand

We all do many things in the name of Yoga. Those of you who think they are doing Yoga do not know what the Yoga is. I have the audacity to make the statement in spite of not knowing what all you know about Yoga. There are some common misconceptions about Yoga; Yoga is assumed to… Continue reading You can do Yoga 24 X 7- Know from Dev Anand

Patanjali 8 limbs yoga
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The most ignored but the most important limb of Yoga

The Sage Patanjali has described Yoga in 8 limbs i.e. Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, (Outward Yoga) Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and, Samadhi (Inward Yoga).  Yoga is the panacea for everything in life. Your goal could be; Living a good Life - Follow Yama and Niyama Physical Health - Do Asana Mental Health - Do Pranayama &… Continue reading The most ignored but the most important limb of Yoga

Yoga Benefits
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Everything you need to know about Yoga

This month the world will celebrate International Yoga Day on 21st June. Yoga though originated in India have become popular the world over during last few decades. Yet there is limited knowledge about the Yoga and its impact on the physical, mental and spiritual well being. People have assumed it to be a health-promoting practice like… Continue reading Everything you need to know about Yoga

New Year
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20 blog posts of 2017 you shouldn’t miss

2017 was an eventful year. We started this blog to promote awareness about FITNESS | WELLNESS | HAPPINESS through exercise, Yoga, healthy diet, good books, and spirituality. During last 8 months, we published 111 posts. Readers’ response was overwhelming. We have about 4000 unique visitors and 7000 plus page views till date. Our blog plus… Continue reading 20 blog posts of 2017 you shouldn’t miss

Wellness Coach

9 reasons you need a Wellness Coach

We have all kinds of coaches from life coach to career coach to business coach to swimming coach to math coach and many other coaches. We don’t have a permanent Wellness Coach. Our health is at the mercy a doctor when our body refuses to work or gives worrying signals. On one hand, we have… Continue reading 9 reasons you need a Wellness Coach

Delhi Air Pollution Remedies
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How Yoga can protect your lungs from city air pollution?

Delhi pollution is in the news. Other cities are not far behind. Air pollution is rampant not only in India but all over the world. School can remain closed for a week, office goers and daily wagers don’t have that luxury. They have to travel in heavy pollution at the cost of the health of… Continue reading How Yoga can protect your lungs from city air pollution?

Peace of Mind
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5 Yogic Practices for Peace of Mind

Before doing Asana or any Yogic practices for the peace of mind the following quote must be digested fully. “Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana, Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani” Bhagavad Gita, Chapter II, Verse 47 Which means, “You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to… Continue reading 5 Yogic Practices for Peace of Mind

Blog on Fitness
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24 Fitness – Happiness posts you shouldn’t miss

Every online reader is busy making new contacts, career move and expand their area of influence. However, everyone agrees there is a life beyond networking, career, job, and business. At the end of the day, we all are after Happiness, present, and future. This is a Blog about Fitness, Wellness, and Happiness. These are intangibles… Continue reading 24 Fitness – Happiness posts you shouldn’t miss

Lemon Juice
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Our Health – Festivals & Lemon Juice

There is one food item which can help us maintain our health during festival days. We find this in every kitchen. No need to plan or spend anything. This magic item is our dear little Lemon. Yes, Lemon is a magic panacea to manage our stomach and digestive system. “Lemon contributed substantially in my success to climb… Continue reading Our Health – Festivals & Lemon Juice

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11 immense benefits of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)

There is nothing religious about Surya Namaskar. This is a form of exercise dedicated to the sun. This consists of 10 body postures, disciplined breathing, and rhythmic movements with an alert mind.  This is also practiced as warm up before practicing Asana Before Practice: Wear loose clothes, do some warm-up exercise of the body, select… Continue reading 11 immense benefits of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)

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Top 8 Naturopathy Destinations in India

“Every acute disease is a result of the cleansing and healing effect of nature. If you suppress the acute conditions by drugs or by any other means, you are simply laying the foundation for chronic diseases.” Dr. Lindlahr Naturopathy is the Pathy people are now moving towards to find a solution to their chronic health-related… Continue reading Top 8 Naturopathy Destinations in India

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One quick Yogic remedy for Constipation

“I wish that being famous helped prevent me from being constipated.” Marvin Gaye Constipation is everyone’s problem. It may strike anyone, if not today, maybe tomorrow. Our faulty food habits and irregular lifestyle are an open invitation to constipation. Yogic kriyas are a very important aspect of Yoga. It helps in expelling accumulated toxins from the… Continue reading One quick Yogic remedy for Constipation

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14 eating practices as per Ayurveda

“Those who are wise won't be busy, and those who are too busy can't be wise.” Lin Yutang, The Importance of Living “To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” Buddha We are very busy and workaholic people. We are known… Continue reading 14 eating practices as per Ayurveda

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11 wonderful benefits of Fasting

Fasting is in vogue these days. Hindus and Jains do fast in the month of Shravana (10th month of the Hindu calendar) and Paryushana respectively. However, the purpose and styles are different. While Jain fasts are with or without water and Hindu fasts are with restricted and specific diet.  Jain religion strongly emphasizes on fasting… Continue reading 11 wonderful benefits of Fasting

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What Gandhiji thought about Naturopathy?

When Indian will be celebrating the 70th Independence Day on 15th Aug 2017, we all remember the role of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi in our freedom struggle. Documentaries are made on his leadership qualities. However, the aspect of Gandhiji which is not known to many is his love for Naturopathy for good… Continue reading What Gandhiji thought about Naturopathy?

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14 things to know about better Yoga benefits

There is a difference between Yoga and Exercise. Yes. There are exercises like sports, wrestling, athletics, judo, karate, gymnastics, gymnasium etc. All have different purposes like strength, speed, skill, agility, cardiovascular health etc. But Yoga practices have different objectives and benefits. Yogic practice results in an improvement of tone of the vital organs and important… Continue reading 14 things to know about better Yoga benefits

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Know Why will You Meditate from today

“One conscious breathe in and out is a meditation.” Eckhart Tolle Meditation is in vogue. There are many benefits attached to the Meditation. With the spread of Yoga through International Yoga Day, many more have started doing meditation. In his article “The Daily Habit Of These Outrageously Successful People”, the author found Meditation is the… Continue reading Know Why will You Meditate from today

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101 interesting facts about Yoga

The word yoga originates from ‘yug’ in the ancient Indian language Sanskrit. It means to ‘yoke’ or ‘bind and unite’. It is a system that sees the body, the breath and the mind as a union of the multi-dimensional aspects of human beings. Through this union of physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation, man strives… Continue reading 101 interesting facts about Yoga

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28 wisdom from 16 prominent Indian Yogis

When the world is celebrating International Yoga Day on 21st June 2017, it is important to know about Yoga beyond just Asana and Pranayama. We will now from their wisdom how Yoga can become life-changing engagement for the practitioners. Though Yoga history goes beyond Sage Patanjali, the Ashtanga Yoga, the Yoga we know today was… Continue reading 28 wisdom from 16 prominent Indian Yogis

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Know Virat Kohli’s Yoga Inspiration

Yes, Indian Cricket Captain is known for his aggression also knows how to calm down when required. He tweets; “I love this book. A must read for all those who are brave enough to let their thoughts and ideologies be challenged.” 'He is referring to a book is a famous Yoga book by an Indian… Continue reading Know Virat Kohli’s Yoga Inspiration

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3 Effects of Yoga-Abhyas

We all practice Yoga-Asana and Pranayama. Some have learned from trained Yoga Guru, others from an untrained trainer and most have seen on TV and started practicing.  We all know however that learning from a trained Yoga Guru has its own advantage. Be that as it may, today my focus is to explain HOW Yoga-Abhyas… Continue reading 3 Effects of Yoga-Abhyas

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6 ways to remain fit without exercise

Caution: These tips are not substitutes of exercise. These are complementary and necessary but not sufficient. Like businesses are having good practice guide and they follow it to the extent possible, we human being can also learn from good practices of other healthy people. Some of the proven, simple and baked by science practices, which… Continue reading 6 ways to remain fit without exercise

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Yoga – aspects you may not know

The world is celebrating International Yoga Day today. Yoga is popularly known by Asana i.e. physical movements and Prayanama, breathing exercise performed by practitioners. Asana and Prayanama are what the Yoga means is the belief of most practitioners when most think about the Yoga. Now, since the Yoga has gained international acceptance and popularity, it is… Continue reading Yoga – aspects you may not know