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Balancing is the Work (2020 release)

Balancing is the Work

The Fifth Idiot:

The Fifth Idiot

Praised by:

“A great read that can be finished in one sitting..”
– Ritesh Agarwal, Founder, and CEO, OYO Rooms

“…What a wonderful read, I couldn’t stop! So inspiring…”
– Richa Anirudh, TV, Radio Journalist, Host – Zindagi Live

“…An interesting and remarkable story….”
– Prof. Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director, Apollo Hospitals Group

“…It is contemporary, insightful and makes you think…“
– Ninad Karpe, Managing Director & CEO, Aptech Limited

Readers’ Reviews:

Very Interesting and Inspiring… Particularly in this current time – It is a most Inspiring for New Generation. – Jayesh Chitalia

I must start by saying that it was interesting going through the book. Starting more as a fiction, it adopts overtones of non-fiction (management category) and then ends on a dramatic note. Personally, I liked the roller-coaster and hope that majority too would. – Rajiv Sahni

I was desperate to know, what Nisha will do next. The topic on which you have written is something, which is very sensitive and at the same time, today’s requirement. Every company should have a person like Nisha in their company. – CA Naamah Retiwala

The Highest Ignorance

The Highest Ignorance

Protagonist’s quest to know reasons for differences in everybody and laws governing every soul takes her to know the highest form of knowledge about the self and laws of Karma. With many real-life examples, the book conveys the truth governing every soul in a convincing manner. With extremely easy and an enjoyable way the author conveys a very profound message. Reading this book can have a life-changing effect. It helps shed layers of ignorance & experience the knowledge, the truth.

Praise for the book:

“A captivating novel on how our religious practices are inconsistent with truth & real natural laws…Sunil Gandhi is a master story teller and makes us visualize and relate to each character in the book like a good movie!”

– Professor Jagdish N. Sheth, Charles Kellstadt Professor of Business, Emory University, USA.

“For today’s brake-less and largely aimless people, Sunilbhai has created a ‘sugar coated’ fast pill. Fiction that presents the highest wisdom in a practical and applied manner. Hope a lot of readers take its benefit.”

– Vallabh Bhanshali, Co-Founder & Chairman, ENAM Group

“This novella chronicles the journey of a young bride learning the ways of Jainism. The reader catches a glimpse into two parallel universes: contemporary urban life in 21st century India, and the world of age-old truths regarding Karma found in the Bhagavad Gita and as taught by Mahavira and Jain philosophers, past and present.”

– Christopher Key Chapple, Doshi Professor of Indic and Comparative Theology, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, USA.

“A book that takes a reader on a path never attempted; the protagonist asks questions and searches for answers that we all need. An enjoyable read. “

– Padma Bhushan Mallika Sarabhai, Renowned Indian Theatre Personality

“An excellent book, explaining the basics of Jainism in a very simple, lucid language that laymen can understand. A delight to read. The story flows. No jarring notes of discord. Strongly recommended to persons wanting to understand something about Shrimad Rajchandra’s teachings and Jainism.”

– CA Pradeep Shah, Senior Partner, AJ Shah & Company

“Beautiful……. very touching……… lucidly written story explaining intricacies of Jainism and, its attraction through the medium of a young Brahmin woman married into leading Jain Family and her curiosity… . “The Highest Ignorance” maintains grip all through while kindling curiosity; answers questions that arise in many minds in the midst of daily routine and expectations of modern families and, interestingly, subtly introduces principles of winning hearts.

A must read for all… young and not so young, initiated and non-initiated…… “

– CA Bhavana Doshi, Senior Advisor, KPMG

“A gentle book on the deeply contemplative religion of Jainism, told in a contemporary language, drawing some very interesting and lucid parallels from movies and the game of cricket!! “

– Aruna Chakravorty, Ex-Journalist, Indian Express

The Bread is Moving

The Bread is Moving

Social Media is ruling our world. The spread of social media is so fast and widespread that customer experience NOW is not only necessary to flourish the business but even for the survival of the business.

Praise for the book:

“The book is written in a simple to read and ready to execute format. I am sure, you will enjoy reading this book. And without wasting any time, you will start designing your organizations CX.”

– Govind Shrikhande, Customer Care Associate & Managing Director, Shoppers Stop Limited

“This book is very apt and timely for the Indian market. Especially for hospitals, customer experience is critical and the book tells almost A to Z of it.”

– Joy Chakraborty, COO, Hinduja Hospital

“I am impressed with how simply Sunil Gandhi has explained one of the most important aspects of Customer Experience (CX). Citing Indian examples he drives home the point very clearly and I am sure readers will be able to embark on a CX improvement journey right way.”

– Manan Choksi, Director, RE/MAX Gujarat, Director

Tuka ma tuki Yatra

Parise for the book:

એક વાર વાંચવા માટે હાથ માં લીધું એટલે પુરુ જ કરવાનું મન થઇ જાય એવું. – આચાર્યશ્રી ચંદનાબાઈ મહાસતીજી … આપણે ત્યાં ધર્મચર્ચાને કથારૂપે આલેખવાના બહુ ઓછા પ્રયત્નો થાય છે, તેમાં આ પ્રયત્ન નોંધપાત્ર બની રહેશે.

– પદ્મશ્રી કુમારપાળ દેસાઈ…

“A book that takes a reader on a path never attempted; the protagonist asks questions and searches for answers that we all need. An enjoyable read.” – Mallika Sarabhai …… Beautiful…….very touching……… lucidly written story. “The Shortest Journey” maintains grip all through …A must read for all… young and not so young, initiated and non-initiated……

– CA Bhavana Doshi, KPMG.

… ઉદ્દાત વિચારો અને આશય સાથે લખાયેલી નવા લેખક ની કૃતિ ને આવકારવાનું પુણ્ય કરવાનું મન થાય છે. – સંજય છેલ – લેખક …. કેટલી સરળ ભાષા માં આ પુસ્તક લખાયું છે …. એકજ બેઠકે પુસ્તક પૂરું કરવાની જીદ રહે છે. ટુક માં આ પુસ્તકમાં રસ ક્ષતિ ને તો અવકાશ જ નથી.

– મધુરી મેહતા – તંત્રી – દશા શ્રીમાળી….

દરેક જૈન અને જૈનેત્તર અને ખાસ તો જૈન સોસીઅલ ગ્રુપ ના સંચાલકો અને સભ્યો માટે વિચાર માંગી લે એવું પુસ્તક છે.

– CA દિલીપ શાહ , ભૂતપૂર્વ પ્રમુખ , જૈન સોસીઅલ ગ્રુપ ઈન્ટરનેસ્નલ ફેડરેસન ….

એ ફિલસુફીને નવલકથા સ્વરૂપે સાંકળી તેની ગતિ રસાળ શૈલીમાં વાચક સુધી પહોચાડવાનો ઉમદા પ્રયાસ શ્રી સુનીલ ગાંધીએ કર્યો છે .

– પિન્કી દલાલ

Kindle Edition:

The Shortest Journey

Wow ! & Weird
EbookA collection of the author’s blog posts- subjects include personal branding, customer experience, small business finance, entrepreneurship. This is an idea book. All small posts contain observation, experience, and viewpoints of the author. A must for CXOs , Management Students & SME, and Startup Entrepreneurs.

Praise for the book:

“Sunil Gandhi has written extensively on various subjects ranging from world-class companies to focused customer experience. He has drawn lessons from recent change movements like the one led by Anna Hazare to highlight opportunities for companies to adapt and change. The sections on Customer Experience are extensive and there are many nuggets of wisdom captured within the examples shared. Employee engagement, motivation, and retention are the priorities for Indian companies and there are lessons for them within.

The book provides a wide scope view of Indian management issues and Customer related concerns. You would find in it, various new ways of recognizing and renewing efforts at improving your own performance or Corporate performance. It shares established management tenets as well as contemporary trends and thus, captures a broad spectrum of management thought.”

– Bijou Kurian, Ex – President & CE of Lifestyle, Reliance Retail

Sunil has put together an interesting e-book from his blogs. The style is unique, short, and to the point. The subjects covered offer a wide variety of management and are handy and provide quick solutions/suggestions.

The writing style includes SMS lingo to some extent. It’s a fine effort to bring everything in a single volume. I hope that he will develop the idea further by expanding the bullet points into detailed reasoned arguments and turn this into a full-fledged book.

– Rajnikant Patel, Ex MD & CEO, BSE & Indian Commodity Exchange

“Truly an amazing collection. Readers with different profits and Orientation will enjoy the work. Keep up the good work!”.

– Ashvin Parekh, Senior Partner E & Y

Customer experience and customer management are key to success in the present environment of severe commoditization of goods and services. This book on a collection of blog posts truly gives amazing ideas for action for entrepreneurs and senior executives. There can be a lot of learning for management students as well. Congratulations and best wishes to Sunil.

– Anand Rathi, Chairman, Anand Rathi Group of Companies