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Medicine Free Aging is Possible, Your Focus Needs to Change

Vitamin D Deficiency is an epidemic in India. This is all the more a problem for Vegetarians people. Our body makes Vitamin D from cholesterol when our skin is exposed to sunlight. The worrying sign is Vitamin D deficiency is becoming an epidemic. In India, the prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency ranged from 40% to 99%, with […]

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The insurance policy no insurance company sells

“It’s not knowing what to do, it’s doing what you know.” Tony Robbins Lack of Fitness is not about lack of knowledge about the fitness. We all have enough or rather more knowledge about the fitness than we can use. Yoga, exercise, Gym, diet, walking and jogging and even more everything we know. With social […]

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Healthy aging or painful aging, choice is yours

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hum Fit to India Fit campaign is a too late awakening of the Government. It should have been the priority number one in 1947 after the Independence. We as a nation are the capital of diabetes, heart disease, and many more lifestyle-related disease. In times like this healthy aging is not […]