Visit to the Ancient City of India – Varanasi (Kashi – Benaras)

"Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together". Mark Twain From Kumbha Mela, Prayagraj, we arrived at Varanasi in the early evening by Sarnarh Express. It was a 4 hours journey. After settling in our guest house, we took a … Continue reading Visit to the Ancient City of India – Varanasi (Kashi – Benaras)


India on a Platter – 3 Days at Kumbha Mela – Mesmerising Experience

Kumbh Mela 2019

For many Indians, Kumbha Mela is for the Sadhus and Babas. The crowd is horrifying. This is a place where many people get lost. It’s a terrible experience. All of these are myths. The reality is - Kumbha Mela is a mesmerising experience. If you avoid 6 Shahi Snan days, the crowd is quite reasonable. This is a live demonstration of the diversity of India. One must … Continue reading India on a Platter – 3 Days at Kumbha Mela – Mesmerising Experience

Kerala – Our Own Country

Planning a tour for us is equally exciting as the tour itself. Our journey begins when we start to discuss about our tour. Planning itinerary to selecting homestay or hotels everything comes with an agenda for discussion. Convincing a grown-up daughter about the homestay is a challenge. Usually, we prefer homestays wherever possible. Our experience with … Continue reading Kerala – Our Own Country

The First Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram

Agas Ashram

Laghuraj Swami, a Jain monk and foremost devotee of Gandhiji’s Spiritual Guru and enlightened soul Shrimad Rajchandra (1867 - 1901, a disciple of Lord Mahavira) had set up Agas Ashram in 1920.  This was the first Ashram later named after Shrimad Rajchandra. Presently there are many such ashrams in India named after Shrimad Rajchandra. This … Continue reading The First Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram

Singapore Cruise – Vegetarians beware !

Royal Caribbean Cruise from Singapore was our first Cruise experience. We were on the cruise for 3 days.  In Singapore, Cruise starts from two port centers - Harbourfront, which is also a Metro Station (MRT) for Sentosa and Universal Studio,  and Marina Bay Port. Our Cruise was from Marina Bay Port. There are many travel … Continue reading Singapore Cruise – Vegetarians beware !

Our visit to beautiful Singapore


Singapore, an island city-state off southern Malaysia, is a global financial center with a tropical climate and multicultural population. Singapore gained independence as the Republic of Singapore (remaining within the Commonwealth of Nations) on 9 August 1965 with Lee Kuan Yew as the prime minister and Yusof bin Ishak as the president. Singapore has a total area … Continue reading Our visit to beautiful Singapore

Ladakh – The Jewel of India

Ladakh Hills

Ladakh is not about writing, it's about seeing and experiencing. Northeastern part of Indian state Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh has snow, desert, mountains, rivers, Northeastern part of Indian state Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh has snow, desert, mountains, rivers, lakes and even highest motorable road in the world known as Khardung La.  This is at 18300 … Continue reading Ladakh – The Jewel of India

Beautiful Konkan – Ganapatipule

This was a beautiful road journey of about 350 km from Mumbai to Ganapatipine in Konkan region in Maharashtra.  Roads from Mahad onward towards Ganapatipule are awesome.         View from Vasishtha Point en route from Mumbai to Ganapatipule near Chiplun. See passing of Konkan railway train. Museum worth visiting @ Ganapatipule Ganapatipule Ratnagiri Coastal Road. View … Continue reading Beautiful Konkan – Ganapatipule