6 Health Benefits of Chauvihar You Need to Know

Recently in a radio interview, Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpai said, he only eats Papaya after 6 in the evening. Many Bollywood actors and fitness professionals now suggest early and light dinner. Many like Manoj Bajpai eat early dinner. Akshay Kumar is said to have his last meal at 7 pm.

A recent study at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center revealed;

“We found that eating between 8 am and 2 pm followed by an 18-hour daily fast kept appetite levels more even throughout the day, in comparison to eating between 8 am and 8 pm, which is what the median American does.”

“These preliminary findings suggest for the first time in humans what we’ve seen in animal models — that the timing of eating during the day does have an impact on our metabolism,” Dale Schoeller, Ph.D., FTOS spokesperson for The Obesity Society and Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin.

Another study found that when participants ate later at night not only did their weight increase, but so did their levels of insulin, glucose, and cholesterol.

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On one hand, there are adverse impacts of late dinner and on the other side there are many benefits of an early dinner,

Jain scriptures had a concept of Chauvihar for ages. Chauvihar is terminology and practice in Jainism which means one does not take any food or any liquids after the sunset until the sunrise the next day.

Jainism believes in the intense form of nonviolence. There are microbes that hide during the sunshine. They reappear once the sunsets. They enter our food chain and preparations for the sunset.

We all can see micro and small living being appears after the sunset if we are out in the open. Similar living beings are all there in the atmosphere after the sunset, some are seen and some cannot be seen by naked eyes. The principle of Non Violence is at play when Jains do Chauvihar and do not eat after the sunset.

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You can see the following video to know more.

Now doctors suggest having dinner 3 to 4 hours before sleep time for proper digestion and a healthy body. Giving sufficient time to the stomach before sleep is beneficial.

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Benefits of Chauvihar:

Better digestion:

As the stomach gets adequate time to digest before sleep.

Weight Loss:

Good for weight loss as the late-night meals convert to fat.

Better Sleep:

As the stomach is relaxed with digested food. Nutrition is absorbed from the food.

Early Rise:

Good for an early rise and fresh day as the sound sleep makes the body ready for the next day.

Time for a morning fitness regime. The light stomach helps us wake up early in the morning. This gives us time for the morning exercise.

Better Cholesterol Control:

When the calories aren’t burnt off, they are turned into triglycerides which increase one’s risk of heart attack and stroke.

Good for Diabetes:

As early dinner keeps sugar and insulin level balanced.

Chauvihar is a religious way of pursuing a good life; however, modern science has found value in early eating. Chauvihar is about nonviolence; early dinner is about good health.

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