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7 health benefits of Chauvihar

Recently in a radio interview, Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpai said, he only eats Papaya after 6 in the evening. Many Bollywood actors and fitness professionals now suggest early and light dinner. Many like Manoj Bajpai eat early dinner. Akshay Kumar is said to have his last meal at 7 pm. In a recent study at… Continue reading 7 health benefits of Chauvihar

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“Mind-blowing” Book, “Deep dive” in Jainism

“I read this book as a part of my studies in Eastern philosophy, in particular, Indian philosophy, and the only term I can come up with is "mind-blowing". I considered myself an agnostic until I read this book... This book contains within the basis of the Jain religion, as well as many philosophical points which… Continue reading “Mind-blowing” Book, “Deep dive” in Jainism

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How seven points Anekantavada brings Happiness?

Sushma Swaraj, Indian Minister of External Affairs recently said that Jainism’s principles of Anekantavada,  Aparigraha (non-hoarding) and Ahimsa (non-violence) offer a solution to the present-day problems the world is facing. She was referring to extremism, climate change, and inequality. When the Jains are celebrating their biggest festival of Paryushana,  today I am writing about one… Continue reading How seven points Anekantavada brings Happiness?

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Stoicism to Jainism – What we know about Happiness is all wrong

"Virtue is sufficient for happiness." In the World stuffed with billions of unhappy people, Stoicism provides simple definitions of happiness. In fact, not only happiness but provides a solution to most of the problems our World and individually we all are facing. Stoicism is a school of Hellenistic philosophy that flourished throughout the Roman and Greek world until the 3rd century AD. According… Continue reading Stoicism to Jainism – What we know about Happiness is all wrong

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The Science behind the Jain way of life

The foundation of Jain philosophy is Nonviolence or rather TOTAL Non-Violence towards any living being howsoever small it might be. This philosophy guides the conduct of the followers of Jain philosophy. I have no hesitation to say that this need not be a Jain philosophy only, but this should be a philosophy of every human being.… Continue reading The Science behind the Jain way of life