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When Was the Last You Took Your Body to The Garage?

We take our car to the garage for servicing every year. We clean our home at least once every year. We are conscious of the preventive maintenance of our car and particular about keeping the house clean. The irony of life is we ignore our body and never thought to take our body to a […]

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14 Ayurvedic Eating Practices You Need to know for Healthy Living

“Those who are wise won’t be busy, and those who are too busy can’t be wise.” Lin Yutang, The Importance of Living We are very busy and workaholic people. We are known for our work commitments. We don’t mind suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, acidity/gastritis (both brings multiple disorders, including Ulcers), and even cancer but […]

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What Can You Learn from Gandhiji’s Thoughts On Naturopathy?

When Indian will be celebrating the 70th Independence Day on 15th Aug 2017, we all remember the role of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi in our freedom struggle. Documentaries are made on his leadership qualities. However, the aspect of Gandhiji which is not known to many is his love for Naturopathy for good […]

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Top 8 Naturopathy Destinations in India You Need to Visit

“Every acute disease is a result of the cleansing and healing effect of nature. If you suppress the acute conditions by drugs or by any other means, you are simply laying the foundation for chronic diseases.” Dr. Lindlahr Naturopathy is the Pathy people are now moving towards to find a solution to their chronic health-related […]

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6 Natural Ways to Remain Fit Without Exercise

Caution: These tips are not substitutes of exercise. These are complementary and necessary but not sufficient. Like businesses are having good practice guide and they follow it to the extent possible, we human being can also learn from good practices of other healthy people. Some of the proven, simple and backed by science practices, which […]