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Know the root cause of all your health problems

“If ignorance is bliss, there should be more happy people.” Victor Cousin Our ignorance about health and diseases is not bliss. Why we suffer from any disease? One is our ignorance and the second is our low willpower. Ignorance about our own body, how it functions, how the food we eat influence working of our… Continue reading Know the root cause of all your health problems

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7 health benefits of Chauvihar

Recently in a radio interview, Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpai said, he only eats Papaya after 6 in the evening. Many Bollywood actors and fitness professionals now suggest early and light dinner. Many like Manoj Bajpai eat early dinner. Akshay Kumar is said to have his last meal at 7 pm. In a recent study at… Continue reading 7 health benefits of Chauvihar

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The Person, Many Books, & Lots of Inspiration

India is celebrating one of the biggest festivals Dussera also known as Vijayadashmi. The festival is known for the victory of good over the evils. This is also known as a Lord Rama’s victory over Demon Ravana.  There are several beliefs, but all across India, this is perhaps the 2nd most celebrated festival after Diwali.… Continue reading The Person, Many Books, & Lots of Inspiration

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Death is certain, want to live?

The war of art, is one of the most inspirational books for artists. You could be an artist (we all are artists) of any field. This book is a must read. Steven Pressfield is a renowned author. This small book can change your life. It will inspire you to keep pursuing your dream. It will… Continue reading Death is certain, want to live?