150th Birth Anniversary of Shrimad Rajchandra

The First Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram You Need to Visit

Laghuraj Swami, a Jain monk and foremost devotee of Gandhiji’s Spiritual Guru and enlightened soul Shrimad Rajchandra (1867 – 1901, a disciple of Lord Mahavira) had set up Agas Ashram in 1920.

This was the first Ashram later named after Shrimad Rajchandra. Presently there are many such ashrams in India named after Shrimad Rajchandra.

This ashram is spread over many acres. There is a Jain temple in the complex, one Guru Mandir (Temple) devoted to Shrimad Rajchandra, three Swadhyay (Religious Discourse) halls. The latest hall is 17000 sq feet big and can accommodate 3000 people at a time.

There is a library, bookstore selling books related to Jain religion. More than 1000 people can stay at a time in the Ashram. There are two large dining halls.

There is a full-day program of Bhakti (Oxford directory meaning: Devotional worship directed to one supreme deity) and Swadhyay (Religious Discourse) for the Ashram devotees, starting from 4 AM until the 9.30 PM, with a break at regular intervals.

In all, in a day these programs run for 11.15 hours. Devotees staying there have to observe some Yama and Niyama as well as food restrictions. However, there is a provision of breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dining hall.

The ashram is located in Agas, near Anand (13KM) in Gujarat, India. By train, Agas is on Anand – Khambhat line.  Anand – Vallabh Vidyanagar – Karamsad – Agas.

Presented below is a pictorial tour of the Ashram.


The Agas station, on Anand Khambhat railway line. The station platform has a special room devoted to Shrimad Rajchandra.

Exit from the Agas station
The main entrance gate, just opposite Agas station
2nd entrance gate
The original entrance gate of the Ashram
Agas 1
At the entrance, introduction of the Ashram
Ariel view of the inside complex, consisting of Jain temple, Guru temple, and Swadhyaya hall
Agas 5
Entrance of the new Swadhyaya hall
Agas 6
Samadhi sthal of two ardent followers of Shrimad Rcjchandra – Laghuraj Swami and Bhramachariji , both devoted their lives to the cause of Shrimad Rajchandra.
Agas 3
View of the new dining hall
Agas 2
Inside the new dining hall
One of the guest house blocks
New guest house block
Train timetable for trains between Agas and Anand

The following pictures are of 150th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Shrimad Rajcnahdra. (4th Nov 2017)

This is not a place for visiting only as a sightseeing a place. Devotees who would like to get real benefit and flavour of the Bhakti & Swadhyay should plan at least a full day’s stay. For the curious souls, here is a website of the Ashram.

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2 thoughts on “The First Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram You Need to Visit

  1. Food for the soul, coolness[ thandak] for the eyes and peace for the mind.Feel like viewing it over again and again.


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