Stress Management

The ONLY sustainable way to deal with the Stress

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” Wayne Dyer

We know the laws of maths, biology, chemistry, GST, and even Income tax. We keep track of changing laws and acts governing us as a human being, and as a citizen. Good, we are conscious and aware citizens.

But the irony is we; Souls are ignorant about the laws governing us, the Souls. These laws are known as Laws of Karma.

The key rule of the laws of Karma is;

Every Karma, that is attached to the Soul gives its fruit at the right time and in the right proportion.

The real problem is: We have never considered the self as a Soul. We recognize the self as a body and this is where all confusion starts.

The reality: We are a Soul having a body and not a body having a soul.

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 & therefore we think our lifespan as starts from our birth onwards, but the Soul is in existence since eternal. The Karmas we the Soul does gives its fruits anytime (at a predetermined but not necessarily in the present body) i.e. in the present birth or in the next births.

If you look back on your past life till now, how many of your wishes have been fulfilled? If not 100%, this means things happen not as per or wish but as destined.

Destined i.e. as per our destiny which is an interplay of our present and past Karmas.

As mentioned in Gita, the Soul has a right to do Karma but has no right to its fruits. This is only because our past Karma has its impact on the outcome of the present Karma.

Our attachment to the desired outcome makes us vulnerable.

Karma does give its fruits, but not as per our expectations. This is best explained by an example of a bank overdraft. If you deposit money in an overdrawn account, money will be used to prepay your past debt,  i.e. overdrawn account. It will not be available for you to use.

Karma not giving its fruits as per our expectations means it is used to prepay our past debt.  In this situation, we wonder why things are not happening as per our expectations. This is because we are not aware of our Karma account.

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“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” Winston Churchill

Can you make out why every successful person has stated this quote?

Continues efforts mean doing continues Karma. Continues Karma means replenishing the Karma account and repaying the debt of past Karma.

Why some people do succeed in many efforts? They never gave up. If you are not succeeding and give up, the deficit Karma in the account will remain in deficit.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

Most of us are stressed when things are not happening as per our expectations. Whenever we are in a situation when things are not happening as per our expectations, keep the following fundamental laws firmly in your mind to deal with the stress easily and to remain calm.

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  • Karma will not fail to give its fruits. When you think nothing happening in spite of your efforts, either it is repaying your past debt or the interplay of past Karmas is deferring the desired outcome.
  • Your journey as a Soul has no beginning, so don’t think your birth as a human being is the beginning of the Journey. Therefore your past Karma in the previous bodies, influence outcome of our present Karma.
  • Things which are not destined to happen will not happen and things which are destined to happen will certainly happen.
  • Therefore “I could have’ or ‘had I been’ has no meaning for the past events.
  • You could not have changed the things that had already happened.
  • The most important, keep pursuing and keep doing your efforts i.e. Karma. But detach yourself from the desired results.

Disturbed and stressed mental status affects our body. These days most diseases enter the body through our mental state. These are known as psychosomatic disease.

Knowing the laws of Karma can considerably calm down the stress level and in effect, diseases attracted by the stress.

Things are not happening your way, calm down and relax, you are repaying your past karma debt. But keep doing your Karma that is the only way to repay the past debt. Sometimes the right time is the deterrent, sometimes bad Karma is the deterrent, be that as it may, keep calm, keep doing and wait for the right time.

In spite of this mainframe, things don’t work out; there is no choice but to live with the result. Believe in the destiny unleashing as per your own past Karmas. This will help you consciously relieve the stress. Knowing and applying these principles will also help you to deal with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and FOBO (Fear Of Better Options), present-day mental stress suffered by young people.

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“Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.” Hans Selye

The right attitude is the result of the right knowledge of the Laws of Karma governing our Souls. No other means would be as sustainable as the understating the right knowledge.

“Abandon all attachment to the results of action and attain supreme peace.” Bhagwad Gita.

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