8 plus benefits of 6 x 5 work life

“I don’t have time for exercise, my job takes all the time,” One lady may be in her late 50s admitted this to an attendant at the Diabetes clinic.

There are millions busy like her. Earning money has occupied so much space in our life that we do not have space for our health or anything else. We are living our lives as if earning money is the sole purpose of our life.

The day we are born our senses become active. They seek things which make them happy. So much so that we spend our entire life fulfilling one or the other desire of our senses. On top of this, we have a technology-enabled fast moving life. No business is safe so everyone wants to make money quickly. Working 24 x 7 is what we like to be called. But in reality is we are dying 24 x 7 that we don’t realise.

Fast life is the result of fast money making desire. In the process, casualty are our relations, social life, free time hobbies, health and the life itself. We have NGOs like the Great place to work which tries to make workplace happier. But no one is talking about making workplace time shorter. How about if we work only and exactly 6 hours a day and 5 days a week? What will happen?

  1. We will make millions a few years later. Perhaps we don’t need millions in times of Happiness by Minimalism.
  2. We will have time for exercise and fitness.
  3. We will have time for family and children and even parents.
  4. We will travel more, read more, learn more and become more accommodating.
  5. We will understand life before it’s all over.
  6. We will volunteer for a good cause dear to us.
  7. We will pursue one or more hobbies.
  8.  A few more will gets employed.

Entrepreneurs should make more money than employees, but today the difference enormous. That will come down, inequality of income will be reduced, and employment will increase as more people will be required to do the same amount of work. With businesses not able to pay the high cost of the debt, cost of debt will come down and so is interest on savings. Therefore, there will be enough encouragement for the risk capital of the entrepreneurship at lower ROI/IRR.

More mature, stable, fit, content and happy society will emerge. Isn’t the goal of every society?

After I wrote the above paras, I checked on the Google and found Sweden has implemented 6 hours a week work culture.

Filimundus, a Stockholm based app developer company, switched to a 6-hour day last year, and CEO, Linus Feldt says their staffs haven’t looked back. “We want to spend more time with our families, we want to learn new things or exercise more. I wanted to see if there could be a way to mix these things.”

Many things will change. Many of the evils like diseased and depressed society, unhappy and angry society, time-deprived children and old parents everything will change. Inequality of income will also change.

More working is making us weird; perhaps working less can solve many of the problems we face. Researchers are on the job. We may see 6 x 5 a reality sooner than expected.

“If you live for money, no amount will ever satisfy you.” Richie Norton.


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