Mumbai Pune Expressway Road Journey

Pune Mumbai Expressway Road Journey

If you search for the best road journeys in India, the one which always finds the place is Mumbai- Pune Expressway.  

The Mumbai–Pune Expressway (officially Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway) is India’s first 6-lane wide concrete, access-controlled tolled expressway.

It spans a distance of 94.5 km connecting Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra state and the financial capital of India, with Pune, the cultural and educational capital of Maharashtra.

The expressway, which was fully operationalized in 2002, is one of India’s busiest roads.

The expressway starts at Kalamboli in Navi Mumbai and ends at Kiwale in Pune. It cleaves through the scenic Sahyadri mountain ranges through passes and tunnels.

The expressway has reduced the travel time from Kalamboli in Mumbai to Kiwale in Pune to about two hours. It has largely supplemented the Mumbai-Pune section of NH 48 which had become extremely congested and accident-prone.

Recently we travelled from Pune to Mumbai and tried to capture some beauty of the road. Here is the video journey of the expressway.

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