My Condolence Meeting Book

A Book Idea – You Can Plan Your Condolence Meeting When You Are Alive

The idea of the book came to me at a condolence meeting when people were offering their personal tributes. Listening to their goody goody talks about the deceased, I thought does only good people die?

I have never heard in a condolence meeting of a person who died, had any of the qualities like he/she was corrupt, stingy, ungodly, violent, arrogant, angry, adultery, lying. Only the praise of the dying person is heard.

So, the question is, do only good people die? Or we are not in the habit of speaking the truth. Just pretending all around? Or is it that we have such an excellent conscience to take the good out of everyone’s life? (Usually, we (if we critically observe your talk) bad-mouth everyone and most of the time.)

We usually want people to praise our intelligence, skills, success, hard work, appearance, clothes, home, furniture, family, whatever, when we are alive. We now have tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to silently pray for this praise. We die but our wish for our praise remains as it is. We want our acquaintances to praise us in our condolence meetings also.

Usually, after death, no one speaks badly for another person in public no matter what the opinion is in the mind. But do we live a life where people praise us with all their hearts? Many readers here will say that we are not living to make others happy. True, then the question is, Are we happy with our lives and our behaviour? Is our inner soul happy with our dealings, are we doing justice to our relations, are we aware of the side effect of our existence on others?

Most of the people are living a short-sighted i.e., self-centered life. The mindset of I, mine, my, what is there for me, or I don’t care. This kind of mindset plays a leading role in harming others.

We often hear about people with large hearts. The large heart is to think of others besides us. Doing wrong for one’s own selfishness, fooling people, being egoist of our success, cheating, slandering people, iniquity in the name of religion, showing off religiousness, insulting others in an effort to preserve one’s self-respect and ego, we all suffer from various such behaviours. And because of this, everyone around us suffers knowingly or unknowingly.

We consider ourselves smart but what could be more foolish than spending our whole lives for money, prestige, possessions, one up man (women too) ship, by indulging in all sorts of moral and immoral acts, not aware of our mortality and not aware that everything will remain here after our death.

We are not aware of the side effects of our existence. With these thoughts in mind, I thought of writing a book that looks at life from the perspective of death.  When we view life from this perspective, we may think to do course correction about our proprieties and our attitude may soften.

I, having experienced the death of a few close relatives due to cancer in the past few years, I always wondered what a dying person or old person should read?

Here is a fiction book not only relevant for people close to their death but for everyone who is mortal and going to die one day. 

The book links My Condolence Meeting and Gujarati Mari Prarthna Sabha.


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