Fitness Mantra

The one word Fitness Mantra

Moderation. i.e. the avoidance of excess or extremes.

  • Eat in moderation, control your at a time intake, control your frequency of intake.
  • Eat moderately nutrient food. Everything in excess is bad.
  • Work in moderation. Excess work exhausts the body. Like machines, body depreciates faster. Less work rusts the body and mind too.
  • Exercise in moderation. Do regular exercise – Walking, Jogging, Workout, Yoga. Everything by rotation during the week. Don’t overdo it. Not doing anything is anti- moderation.
  • Sleep in moderation, neither short nor excess.

A disciplined life is about moderation.

“My motto is: Live every day to the fullest – in moderation.” Lindsay Lohan (American actress, businesswoman, fashion designer, and singer.)

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