How does Speed of Windshield help deal with Unwanted Thoughts?

On a recently completed road trip, we encountered drizzling while going to Khajuraho. In some places, it was drizzling and somewhere it was raining.  I used the car wipers at the speed at which the raindrops were falling on the windshield. It ranged between slow and fast.

Cut to:

There are two kinds of thoughts that our brain has to process:

1) We want to think about something and the brain obliges

2) Unwanted and irrelevant thoughts that keep coming 24 X 7 minus the 1 above

Most people suffer from the 2nd. These thoughts have troubled many deep thinkers. Even Bollywood had a song, Goli Maar Bheje Me, Bheja Shor Karta Hai….” in the movie titled Satya.

How to Deal:

These unwanted and irrelevant thoughts are trouble makers, we have to remain consciously aware of them and not get engrossed with them or become one with these thoughts. Remember we don’t allow anyone to our house, we welcome only people we invite or like. Likewise, we have to deal with our 2nd type of thoughts.

Remain vigilant to using mind wipers at the speed at which these thoughts strike.  Don’t allow them to settle in your mind, just use the wipers and get rid of them.

The mind will not rest so once we get rid of these unwanted thoughts with mind wipers, give your mind a work to get engaged with. Either a work or thoughts you want to think about. 

Keep your mind proactively busy or use mind wipers to get rid of unwanted thoughts before you become one with them and get affected by them.

Remember these are just thoughts and not a reality. Don’t let these unwanted thoughts take over your wanted reality.

Here is a book on the subject by Yameer Adhar that was discussed in the JLF this year. Voices In My Head.

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