Meditation Peace of Mind

No Opinion Day – Mediation on the go

Many of us practice meditation to keep the constantly flickering mind cool and stable.

Constant flickering of the mind happens for two reasons.

One: thoughts that keep coming to our mind and,

Two: thoughts we keep igniting in our minds.

For the first, it is not in our hands to do anything. It’s an automatic process. What you have in your hand is whether to flow with these thoughts by taking cognizance of them or just ignore these thoughts.

For the second it is our developed nature that is responsible. We are constantly evaluating everything that we see, hear, smell, read, taste, others do or we do, and everything that happens to us and happens in this world that comes to our knowledge as good or bad, right or wrong, and keep building what-if scenario.

We have opinions for the US President, Virat Kohli, Narendra Modi, our boss, colleague, our neighbour, society secretary, reason, Twitter trends, Instagram posts of Celebs, our domestic help’ family, our own financial plans, career, children’s career, office lifts, security guards, milk vendor, TV shows, movies, the food we eat, and everything under the Sun is our arena to keep our mind busy and always working.

Our constant opinion-forming habit is the culprit and the cause we are constantly forming opinions about everything.  This keeps our minds flickering.

Reality is what we experience, perceive, know are just partial truth and we form opinions based on that. This is not only unnecessary but also foolish.

Real meditation is forming no opinion about anything that we see, know, and happen with us or happens in the world. Just know and move on.  

“Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.” Saint Francis de Sales

Just form no opinion about anything for a few hours to start with and practice it for a day or a few days. This will make no opinion-forming your new habit. This is meditation without going to a medication camp or sitting for meditation. This will keep mind memories free and mind at the peace.  


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