Work Stress

Your Stress Culture at Work is Killing You in EMI

Yes, we all know about paying EMI but what we are ignorant about is, we all are also drying in EMI.

As per the recent ASSOCHAM survey, due to demanding schedules, high-stress levels, and performance-linked perquisites in private sectors, nearly 85% of employees in private sectors are afflicted to life-style, chronic diseases, and acute ailment, according to a recent survey conducted on the occasion of ‘World Health day’.

We human beings are not compatible to cope up with fast-moving technologies and severe competition. Bill Gates writes about Business @ The speed of thought, but we are also dying at the speed of thought while doing at the speed of thought.

Like we have pre-mature deliveries, highly demanding corporate stress is killing us quicker. These premature deaths are our response to God’s premature deliveries.

Somewhere we have forgotten the real objective of the business and started running for all wrong reasons.

“The real purpose of business is to serve society, not to cater to the shareholder, but often the latter is what CEOs are focused on because of pressure.”

Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever.

“Doing whatever it takes to keep our employees, customers, and vendors happy has led to profits in the end.”

Tony Hsieh, CEO,

Tony Hsieh, confirms that companies with higher sense of purpose outperform 400%, while Jack Ma of Ali Baba also confess that;

“This month I’m not very happy—I think too much pressure,” Ma said. “I try to make myself happy no because I know that if I’m not happy my colleagues are not happy, and my shareholders are not happy, and my customers are not happy.

The company’s historic IPO—valued at a record-setting $25 billion—may has contributed to this stress.

Maybe the stock goes so up, maybe people have high expectations on you, maybe I think too much about the future and have too many things to worry about,” Ma said.

These pressures may not be receding anytime soon. But Ma said the stress in his life is coming from more than just his job: Becoming China’s richest man has provided its own set of headaches.”

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

“It’s time we stopped putting up with unhappy workplaces and bad bosses. Unhappiness at work is not a minor annoyance. It makes us tired, stressed, and negative. Worst case, it makes us sick or kills us.” 

Alexander Kjerulf, Chief Happiness Officer,

The book, The Fifth Idiot is all about happiness in the workplace. This is a story, this is about change, this is about refocusing on business priorities. The movie Three Idiots was about a mad rush for numbers & herd mentality in the education system, The book, The Fifth Idiot is about the mad rush for numbers and herd mentality prevailing in our corporate world.  


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