Pyayer Meet

Are You Ready for Your Prayer Meeting?

We all are going to die one day. This is an undeniable truth, whether we like it or not. In a civilized society, there is a tradition to have a prayer meeting after someone dies. The purpose is to pay homage to the person. Everyone known to the deceased person assembles and pay their homage.

Learning can and shall happen from anywhere. I happen to attend a prayer meeting last week. Two things prominently stood out while listening to the homage people paid to the deceased. I think these two aspects of one’s life are enough to live a good and meaningful life.

  • Kind With Near & Dear Ones

Usually, our fights are with our near and dear ones. Our close and distant relatives. Our in-laws, and business partners.

Unknown people do not bother us.

Be kinder to the people in our life, never allow anyone who visits home to leave home without food or beverages. Keep the courage to face the unwanted economic circumstances. Keep the family together in all circumstances. Let not your ego spoil your party on the earth.

Your life here on earth as a human being is a celebration (look around other creatures and lives you will realise this). Do not mess up, keep grudges, complaints in your heart. Forget painful aspects, seek forgiveness, and forgive everyone. Mostly we suffer because we can’t and don’t forgive.

But the rule of life says; it’s you who is at fault for whatever bad happens with you, not the world. Blaming the world for your fault is making sure you want to suffer for life.

Shun ego, get rid of grudges, say sorry, accept sorry, love people around you, stop finding faults.

Think of the day you are dying. Would you like to leave this world with these painful feelings? Reflect.

“Never to do anything which I should be afraid to do if it were the last hour of my life.” Jonathan Edwards

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Prayer Meeting

  • Kind With The Society

Helping the society and community to the extent possible is what matters. The best use of the money and time you have is to use it for the benefits of others selflessly.

Your time is your life. Give back to society because you are also thriving on someone else’s selfless contribution to society. All social and national heritage is the result of someone else’s contribution. This is how the human race remains human.

Selfish living helps no one. Neither to the self nor the others.

“I come in a world of iron…to make a world of gold” Dale Wasserman, Man of La Mancha

Is your existence making the world golden or adding to its ironness?

If you take care of the above two aspects of your life, you would be at peace with yourself. Relentless race, grudges, and unrest until the end of your life are the signs of a failed life.

“An unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates

Yes, examine your life. What kind of life are you living? Don’t just live for the sole purpose of making money and wasting time while spending money. Don’t keep grudges in your heart. Help everyone. Shun your ego.

Life is too precious and too short. Sooner than expected the people known to you would attend your prayer meet. Live your life worthy for the people to pay their real homage.

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