Dangers of Vegetable Oils

Vegetable Oils, Enemy Number One of Your Brain and Heart

Central Govt. yesterday issued a notification banning sale and advertisement of junk food near a school campus, school canteen, and hostel kitchen. They say these foods contain high fat, salt, and sugar.

Salt, sugar, and fat are dangerous to our health. But most of us ignore the most dangerous of all Vegetable oils in our food.

Yes, Vegetable oils once marketed as heart-friendly is proving to be the most dangerous food, we intake.

Before I write about these highly unhealthy Oils we eat, here is a list of Vegetable Oils.

Canola, corn, cottonseed, palm, soy, sunflower, safflower, rice bran, and grapeseed oils are vegetable oils.

Food items with Vegetable Oils are:

  • French Fries
  • Anything Fried
  • Margarine
  • Cookies, Cake, Pancake and Waffles
  • Ice cream
  • Microwave Popcorn – Butter/ caramel flavour
  • Biscuits
  • Frozen Beverages
  • Most packaged and processed food

Now you know what you eat and in what quantity. Reading the next part will open your eyes to the risk you are subject to when you eat the oils and products made of these oils.

In her book, Deep Nutrition author Dr. Catherine Shanahan cautions us about the dangers of consuming vegetable oils. It’s really dangerous.

She writes Vegetable Oils attack our brain at seven distinct vulnerability points. These attract cause autism and other childhood neurologic disorders. Vegetable oils make our bran more susceptible to damage by sugar. She says more than anything else vegetable oils are what puts the Junk in junk food.

How can vegetable oils play havoc on your body?

  • It creates an inflammatory reaction in the Gut which influences brain health by way of microbiota, the immune system, and leaky gut.
  • Disrupts regulation of blood flow through the brain.
  • Turns our immune system against us, causing food and infectious disease to trigger nerve-damaging reactions.
  • Cause overload of oxidative reactions inside the cell, leading to the accumulation of intra-cellar trash.
  • Impair brain development through direct mutagenic effects on DNA and altered epigenetic expression.

Vegetable oils have multiple strategies by which it wreaks havoc in your body. It knew your weaknesses and do it best to enter your brain and dismantle your cognitive functioning.

Brain and Vegetable Oils
Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

Some are technical words and you may not understand it fully. The point is the consumption of Vegetable oil affects our brain function severally. When the brain function is damaged, you can imagine which other organs remain unaffected.

She classifies Vegetable oils as public enemy number one.

Vegetable Oils contain heat-sensitive polyunsaturated fats (PUFA). When heated these fats turn into toxic compounds including trans-fat.  This means all food which contains vegetable oils contain trans-fat. They are bad as they led to the formation of free radicals.

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Free radicals are dangerous as it damages all parts of our body; cell membrane, chromosomes, and other fats. It has a cascading effect on the body. Free radicals make your food extremely crispy (remember your crisply French fries !!) but inside the body, it also makes our arteries crispy. Free radicals make material stiff and inflexible. Your arteries stop responding to normal body stresses. Eating food fried in vegetable oil may precipitate a heart attack.

Vegetable oils also destroy complex nutrients in the food. Food fried in vegetable oils carry fewer vitamins and antioxidants.

All in all, you are playing with fire when you eat food fried. contains vegetable oils. When you give up on your children’s demands to eat junk food you are becoming their worst enemy, you are robing their health.

Aa a parent your foremost role is to know what foods are good for your children.  Your ignorance and carelessness not only spoil your health but the health of your innocent children. You are very much concerned about their exam numbers, but you are ignorant about their health. Your scholar children will fail in life if his health is not given the priority and the importance it deserves.

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Caution: Your child has a whole life to change the course of action but your own eating habits are making you sick, diseased, and suffer from chronic disease.  Its time to wake up. Govt. can’t ban anything in your kitchen and what you eat outside, you can.

“You can’t have a healthy civilization without healthy soil. You can’t have junk food and have healthy people.” Joel Salatin

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The Govt has woken up, it’s time for the parents and children to wake up and take charge of their health. A diseased body is a burden not only on the family but also on the nation, while a healthy body is an asset for both.

Are you awake about what you and your family eat? Issue a banning order today.


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