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Genetic Lottery – The Best Gift Parents Can Give Their Baby

Nutrition is key to the health of the human being. Nutrition deficiency is not only bad for our health but it is also bad for the next generation.

The kind of food we eat these days is seriously affecting the health of the next generation. The food choice would be parents make is extremely important for the health of the newborn baby.

Your irresponsible choices give birth to a diseased baby.

Read on…There are findings in the new research on Genetic called Epigenetics.

We are what we eat. Yes, this is reality. Not only does we eat affect us down the level of our genes, but our physiques have also been sculpted in part, by the foods our parents and grandparents ate or didn’t eat generations ago.

If this is true, you can imagine what you eat is affecting the next generation (next to next too) you are giving birth to.

Dr. Catherine Shanahan writes in her book Deep Nutrition,” The good news is you can improve the health of your bad genes you are born with during your life. You are affecting the health of your genes by toxins and nutrient imbalances. Nutrient imbalances are usually due to deficiencies missing vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, or other raw material required to run our cells.”

You can control the health of genes with your food and balance the imbalanced nutrient deficiencies.

But the key is to be aware of the nutrient deficiencies much before the pregnancy. Even minor nutritional deficiency can hamper the baby’s growth. But Dr. John Durnin of Glasgow university describes,” The fetus is well protected against maternal malnutrition. If Mom’s diet is deficient in calcium, it will be robbed from her bones. If deficient in brain-building fats, it will be robbed from Mom’s brain. ‘

Pregnancy drains woman’s body of a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and variety of other raw materials. On top of it, breastfeeding demands more

From mother’s store, a baby draws iron, folate, calcium, potassium, vitamin D, vitamin A, magnesium, iodine, Omega 3, phosphorous, zinc, fatty acids, vitamin B12, selenium and much more.

If the Mom is malnourished nutrient deficient the baby will draw all the nutrients for her need from the mother’s body. This will have an enormous impact on Mom’s body.

On top of this is the gap between the 2nd child is less than at least 2-3 years, Mom’s body did not recover within a shorter time. Imagine the toll on Mother’s body. This condition puts enormous health risk of mother’s life.

In this situation, it exposes the 2nd child to a variety of health problems. Deficient nutrition affects the health of a mother and her children.

Usually, doctors start vitamins and other nutrition when the child is already conceived. But this is too late. Mother’s nutritional adequacy programme should ideally start at least 6 to 9 months in advance.

What can be done?

  • Check Your Nutrition Level

Usually, the mother does it when Mothers are pregnant. Do your nutritional level check much in advance. Know the deficiencies and adjust your food and supplements to recoup the deficiencies.

This planning is vital to give birth to a genetically healthy child.

“Today more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies, and lack of physical exercise.” Mike Adams

  • Avoid Junk Food

Junk Food

Sugar and Vegetable oil are known as main culprits. Avoid and drastically reduce its consumption. These two are incompatible with a normal genetic function. They are toxic to every living being.

Avoid calorie-rich but nutrition deficient food.

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  • Eat Nutrient-Rich Food

Healthy Food

Proactively eat food rich in nutrient. Vegetables, nuts, fruits, ghee, are some of the good food. Eat traditional homemade food.  Eat at regular intervals. Proper digestion will enable absorption of all nutrients in the body.

This will go a long way to have a well-nourished mother and well-nourished baby.

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  • Avoid Stress

Mother’s stress level affects the health of her genes. Stress disturbs the internal mechanism of the body.

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  • Exercise Regularly


This is good for the physical body but it also helps in proper absorption of nutrients from the food. It has a multiplier good impact on the genes.

You can correct your bad genes with regular exercise.

We are experiencing young babies and youth suffering from one of the other diseases quite early in their lives. Largely parents and grandparent’s health are responsible for this phenomenon.

But it can be reversed by sufficient nutrition by one generation so that the next generation wins the genetic lottery.

Plan your pregnancy, it is not only about the baby but also for mother, and even the generations ahead.

We knew about the nutrition deficiency in the case of back to back pregnancies. But the new research suggests even the nutritional level of mothers before the first child is vital. A weak nutritional level can have an impact on the next several generations unless it is rectified in between by a generation by sufficient nutrition programme.

“Today more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies, and lack of physical exercise.” Mike Adams

Do you want to be a source of weak and unhealthy generation or happy and healthy generation? The choice is yours; the choice is the food you eat. Give your next-generation genetic lottery and they will live a happy and healthy life.

Liked it? Share it. This is vital for the health of the Next Generations.



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