Healthy Aging

Medicine Free Aging is Possible, Your Focus Needs to Change

Vitamin D Deficiency is an epidemic in India. This is all the more a problem for Vegetarians people. Our body makes Vitamin D from cholesterol when our skin is exposed to sunlight.

The worrying sign is Vitamin D deficiency is becoming an epidemic. In India, the prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency ranged from 40% to 99%, with most of the studies reporting a prevalence of 80%–90%. (1)

The important function of Vitamin D is it helps the absorption of calcium in bones. Its deficient leads to weak bones, osteoporosis, diabetes, psoriasis, hypertension, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and even some cancers.

Many times, diseases in our body are due to Vitamin and Mineral deficiency but we are treated for the symptoms, not the root cause. What can be cured with vitamin and mineral-rich diet and supplements become a chronic condition and we become medicine dependent for life.

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The following case study from the book Unconventional Medicines by Chris Kresser is worth reading:

“In 2000, Dr. Wahls was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). By 2003 it transitioned to progressive secondary MS. She underwent Chemotherapy to slow the disease. By 2007 she was on wheelchair and prognosis (forecast of a medical condition) was that she would become bedridden by the disease and likely to have a shorter lifespan.

Fortunately, she was a doctor and was not ready to accept this prognosis. She starred her own research and begun making a list of nutrients that had been shown to be beneficial for brain health. In 2007 she started dietary and supplement protocol based on her exhaustive research.

The result stunned the physician, her family and herself. Within a year she could walk through the hospital without a cane and even completed an eighteen-mile bicycle tour. She went from being in a wheelchair to walking and bicycling without support in less than 12 months.

This is remarkable as usually the treatment is focussed on suppressing and managing symptoms. For example, if someone has rheumatoid arthritis, she might be prescribed steroids to reduce inflammation and analgesics to relieve pain. These drugs often have side effects. Such as weight gain and constipation so the patient may also end up taking additional drugs to deal with these side effects. Within no time the patient would be taking 6 medicines daily for life. Though there won’t be any major change in the condition.

But with proper diet and supplements and lifestyle changes, it is quite possible to stop the progression and reverse the disease.”

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The point is if we don’t focus on Vitamin and Nutritional deficiencies, we tend to start treating the symptoms and become medicine dependent for life. Vitamin D (other vitamins and nutrients) deficiency may be the cause of many diseases you might be suffering. But having no knowledge of it you might be just scratching the top layer of the problem.

We have become medicine and doctor dependent. What we need is to become diet and exercise dependent. For that, we need to improve our body, diet and exercise knowledge. This will go a long way to keep you healthy and ensure a quality life.

Keep a check on your vitamins and minerals scorecard. Ensure adequacy of them. Adequate Vitamin and minerals will take care of most of the health problems without medications.

Look at medicine dependent seniors around us. If you don’t become alert now, you are staring at the same future. If you need a better old age, start taking interest in your body, diet, and exercise.

Medicines and doctors’ dependency will take the charm out of living and make you miserable. Make your choice Today.

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