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Do you know the 1st Step on the Moksha Path?

Jain Agamas & scriptures have shown the Moksha Path with a distinct clarity. These scriptures have laid down the prerequisites for attaining Moksha. In the Jain terminology, this prerequisite is known as Ratnatraya. Which means the Three Gems. Ratna means Gem & Traya means Three. These are; Samyak Darshan Samyak Gyan Samyak Charitra The word… Continue reading Do you know the 1st Step on the Moksha Path?

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“Mind-blowing” Book, “Deep dive” in Jainism

“I read this book as a part of my studies in Eastern philosophy, in particular, Indian philosophy, and the only term I can come up with is "mind-blowing". I considered myself an agnostic until I read this book... This book contains within the basis of the Jain religion, as well as many philosophical points which… Continue reading “Mind-blowing” Book, “Deep dive” in Jainism