Samyak Dsrshan

Do you know the 1st Step on the Moksha Path?

Jain Agamas & scriptures have shown the Moksha Path with a distinct clarity. These scriptures have laid down the prerequisites for attaining Moksha. In the Jain terminology, this prerequisite is known as Ratnatraya. Which means the Three Gems. Ratna means Gem & Traya means Three. These are; Samyak Darshan Samyak Gyan Samyak Charitra The word Samyak means Right or True. Samyak Darshan means the Right … Continue reading Do you know the 1st Step on the Moksha Path?

“Mind-blowing” Book, “Deep dive” in Jainism

“I read this book as a part of my studies in Eastern philosophy, in particular, Indian philosophy, and the only term I can come up with is “mind-blowing“. I considered myself an agnostic until I read this book… This book contains within the basis of the Jain religion, as well as many philosophical points which students of Eastern (and in particular Indian) philosophy and religion … Continue reading “Mind-blowing” Book, “Deep dive” in Jainism

How Can A Soul Avoid Attracting New Karma?

In the previous post on the subject, Five Ways Soul attracts new Karma we have seen how a soul attracts new Karma. However, by now we know complete annihilation of Karma is Moksha. Therefore, an attraction of new Karma means an extension of cycles of life and death. Knowing how to stop attracting new Karma and shedding of existing Karma is extremely critical & I would say the most … Continue reading How Can A Soul Avoid Attracting New Karma?