What is Jainism

In This Paryushan, Know the Crux of Jainism to Awaken Your Soul

These days Jains are celebrating Paryushan across the world. They call it King of all Parva i.e. auspicious days.  Jains increase their spiritual intensities during these days.

There is inquisitiveness about Jainism among the non-Jains. Many Jains also do not know the right Jainism. Therefore many diverse views are expressed and diverse beliefs are believed by the followers.

Jainism is pure science, the science of the Souls. Every soul in the Universe is governed by a single law that is known as Laws of Karma.

1 + 1 = 2 is a universal law whether you believe it or no. The same is true for the laws of Karma. Whether you know, whether you believe,  whether you believe something else, or whether you don’t believe. but irrespective of your belief 1 + 1 remains 2 and law of Karma applicable to the Soul remains the same.

Jainism is about laws of karma explained in minutest of details. This is why Jains do not eat roots like Potato or Garlic or Onions, as Jain Tirthankars could see in it very minute lives. Off late now even science also believes so. We all have seen it in the school biology laboratory.

Here I present the Crux of Jainism based on my limited understanding from the scriptures Tattavartha Sutra, Samaya Saar, Atma Siddhi Shashtra, and Karma Granth.

  • Every living body has a Soul. The Living element in the body is You i.e. Soul.
  • Every Soul gets a body as per its past Karma. Karmas are attached to the Soul.  
  • The Soul and Karma both are invisible.
  • But we can see the presence of Soul and Karma.
    • The presence of Soul can be experienced by the difference between a living body and a dead body.
    • The presence of Karma can be experienced by the different fate of everybody. The different journey of every Soul is the result of its Karma.

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  • There are infinite types of Karma. The main Karmas are of eight types.
  • Karmas are of 4 intensities. These intensities decide intensities of its fruits.
  • When a Karma is attached to a Soul, it comes with 4 things. Type of Karma, Intensity of Karma, duration till when it will remain with the Soul, and the area of the Soul covered with the Karma.

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  • A Soul attracts Karma (known as Ashrava) by its ignorance and impure intentions.
    • The ignorance is about the Self, i.e. considering the self as a Body and not a Soul.
    • Impure intentions are intentions with attachment (Raag) or hatred (Dwesh).
    • Like Oily body attracts dust, the impurity of intention attracts Karma.
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  • A Soul can refrain (known as Sanwar) from attracting Karma by;


  • A Soul can shed Karma (known as Nirjara) by;
    • When a past Karma gives its fruit and vanishes that is Nirjara. This is natural Nirjara and every soul is doing this every second.
    • Knowing the self as a Soul, a Soul can shed Karma before it matures. This kind of Nirjara is possible in twelve ways known as Penance.
    • There are twelve types of penance. These are divided into six external and six internal.
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  • Souls without Karma are known as liberated Souls.
  • The liberation (also known as Moksha) of a Soul is possible and the first step is believing the self as a Soul different from the body. (See the heading Pic)

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  • Liberated Souls will never get a new body. It resides at the top of the Universe like weightless elements go up in the sky.
  • A Soul never dies, either it’s with a body or without the body.
  • Liberation/Moksha of a Soul is extremely vital to get rid of countless cycles of birth/death and the pain a Soul endures in everybody it gets after every death.
  • Whatever (Good or bad) happens with the Soul is the result of Soul’s own Karma. No one else is responsible. No other Soul can harm us or help us. This establishes the fact that no one else is responsible for good or bad happens with us. The Soul is solely responsible for the fruits of karma it bears.


  • Everything that happened in the past had to happen. No one could have changed anything that happened (so no scope could have or would have). Everything that will happen in the future will happen. No one but own Karma could influence destiny.
  • When in the human body, the first duty of the Soul is towards the self. To work towards its liberation, because in no other body it is possible. As they say in the airplane, help yourself first. Help yourself first in the pursuit of Moksha and it is the most important thing worth pursuing in human birth.

The law of Karma that governs every soul is a science of nature. It never fails.

Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankar of Jain sects was the 24th Tirthankara of the last set of 24 Tirthankara. There were countless sets of 24 Tirthankaras before him.

Tirthankars are Souls attaining Moksha/liberation in the same birth. Based on their past Karma their duty is to propagate Jainism after attaining Kewal Gyan (Omniscient) and before attaining Moksha.

Here is an interesting video explaining Jainism:

These are the basic principles of Jainism in brief. Readers are expected to read scriptures like Tattavartha SutraSamaya Saar, Atma Siddhi Shashtra, and Karma Granth for a detailed understanding of the laws of Karma and Jainism.

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4 thoughts on “In This Paryushan, Know the Crux of Jainism to Awaken Your Soul

  1. Very nice presentation.Good hold in common language English. A lot more miles to be crossed as our Agamas and those who all Pandits are far away from this universal language english. Souls like you can do a lot to convert the rudiments of Jainism.Salutations to you and for your divine effort.


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