Amritsar – Always Once More

Amritsar a city known for its history and geography. Yes, the Jallianwala massacre by the British Govt took place here. This is a border town and shares its border with Pakistan – the famous Wagha Border.

The pious Golden Temple is the crown of the city which is also famous for its large markets and of-course mouth watering Punjabi food.

This was our 4th visit to the city.

We were pleasantly surprised to see the development around the  Golden Temple.   It ’s new, broad roads, well illuminated, townhall type area to roam around.

We also saw the new Partition Museum started in 2017 and Golden Temple museum inside the campus of Golden Temple.

Here is a pictorial glimpse.


Amritsar Station



Beautiful Road leading to Golden Temple

IMG_20190204_193545887IMG_20190204_193625605Golden Temple from Inside the Campus



Amritsar without Lassi? Not possible. Famous Ahuja Lassi


The Famous Brothers Dhaba – Paratha

IMG_20190205_131156973_HDRGolden Temple during Day time


Oye Punjab


Partition Museum a must visit for every Indian and compulsory for every politician. 

IMG_20190205_120917093Inside the Partition Museum with the Stalwarts.

IMG_20190205_162443884_HDRIMG_20190205_163229670After the day’s roaming, evening tea in the middle of the street




One More Lassi – Gianchand Lassi


Jain Temple near Golden Temple

This time we missed Wagha Border, but a visit to Amritsar cannot be complete without the visit to the electrifying Wagha Border. These pics from our previous visit in 2010.


& now the return journey.



Back to Mumbai after a mesmerizing experience at Kumbh, Exotic Varanasi, and evergreen Amritsar.

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