7 ways to remain motivated for the Gym

When I first decided to start working out in a gym, I was scared. I was scared of hurting myself, I was scared of embarrassing myself. I didn’t know where to begin. I didn’t even know how the system in gym works. But I had made up my mind and I will not quit. I decided the best thing would be to have someone with me who can help me start. And I hired a trainer.

Let me break this bubble for you. We are not afraid of the gym, but we are afraid of how to start and where to start with. So let me help you with few tips.

1. Ask yourself why do you want to join the gym?

  • Is it because everyone is doing It?
  • To look cool as going to the Gym is very popular?

Trust me none of the above will  keep you motivated for long. Find a stronger motivation like I want to run marathon so working on my muscles will help me excel. Or I want to build my stamina and power. Just be clear about your expectations from the gym.

2.Don’t get intimidated by looking at fit people around you.

They all had a journey and are here. Nobody is born big with those bulges or toned body.

3. Join a group class.

If you are totally new to working out. Join a group class. You will start getting the hang of how everyone works out and feel self-assured.

4. Understand your gym well.

Plan your workout for how you want to train or what you want to train. Gyms are usually divided into two, cardio section and weight training section. Understand the machines so you are confident while using them. After all, knowledge is power.

5. Expect feeling silly.

Working out for the first time will give you some setbacks but it will come with a lesson. But never ever quit.

6. Hire a trainer or join with a friend

This is the best piece of advice I would give the newbies. It will help you to relax and stay calm when there is a friend who can help you to understand the mechanism in the gym. It will help you build your confidence.

7. Be consistent. Be persistent.

Find out the right time to work out. Does early morning work for you when everybody is still sleeping. Or are you an evening person. Scheduling and planning will help you be consistent and not upset your gym routine. It’s the key to get good results.

I am sure these strategies will definitely help you. But conquering your fear and self-motivation comes from within. Once you get physically stronger you will get mentally stronger too. This is an experience from my journey and my clients journey . Don’t let your fear stop you from getting what you truly want. Good luck!


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