Do you think fruit Juices are healthy? Read This.

Fruit Juice Unhealthy

We all love fruit juices. We all have it guilt free assuming that there could be nothing healthier than the fruit juices. However, remember fruit juices are loaded with sugar and lacks fiber. The sugar content in fruit juices is many times more than soft drinks. Fruit juices are missing a lot of the stuff that … Continue reading Do you think fruit Juices are healthy? Read This.


Kareena Kapoor’s Dietician for You

This is a health and happiness blog. Our readers might not need an introduction to Rujuta Diwekar or her books. Yet, for the benefit of those who might not know her, here is a bouquet of books from her. Rujuta Diwekar perhaps is the leading Dietician in India. Winner of the 'Nutrition Award' from Asian … Continue reading Kareena Kapoor’s Dietician for You