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Why & How to Sustain Severe Mental and Physical Pain?

Mental health is a grossly ignored subject. We visit the doctor for slightest physical pain and disorder but we do not think to go to a psychiatrist even if we are suffering the most horrendous mental health issue. The reasons are mainly two: We don’t know we are suffering from a mental health issue Going […]

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One Habit of A Happy Person — Shrink Your Circle of Concern

In one of the talk-shows legendary comic Hindi poet Surendra Sharma said the secret of his happy married life is that all minor decisions are taken by his wife and in all major issues he never listens to his wife and what he says is final. Then he went on to define minor decisions as what should he wears, how much should […]

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Before it’s Too Late, What You Need to Know About Your Emotional Health?

V.G. Siddhartha, MD of CCD, committed suicide. Many others especially students and entrepreneurs are also committing suicide every year.  They are not as vulnerable as poor farmers in the village deprived of all resources and commits suicide due to the hardship of existence. Many people commit suicide as they are not able to deal with […]