Diwali 2018

Mahavira and Diwali Connection

Diwali is perhaps the most important of all Indian festivals. There are many stores which make Diwali a significant day. For most, Diwali is the celebration of King Rama’s return to Ayodhya after his victory over Ravana. Others trace the origin of the festival to the Mahabharata, where Diwali is marked by the return of the five Pandavas from their exile in the forest. Diwali … Continue reading Mahavira and Diwali Connection

Lemon Juice

Our Health – Festivals & Lemon Juice

There is one food item which can help us maintain our health during festival days. We find this in every kitchen. No need to plan or spend anything. This magic item is our dear little Lemon. Yes, Lemon is a magic panacea to manage our stomach and digestive system. “Lemon contributed substantially in my success to climb the Mount Everest.” Sir Edmond Hillary. According to the publication … Continue reading Our Health – Festivals & Lemon Juice