Fitness & Corona

How to Deal With Your Fitness Enemies in Corona Time?

“There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.” John Green

We all know what to do to deal with China and Pakistan, totally oblivion of what to do to deal with Coronavirus and for that matter how to prevent and fight any diseases. Strong military, latest weapons, determined, and decisive leadership are enough to deal with both the neighbouring countries. Similarly, we need a strong body and a strong mind to deal with Corona or other existing or unborn diseases.

The best thing that has happened with the arrival of the pandemic is our focus is shifted to preventive healthcare. We know a person will co-morbidity is vulnerable to the fight with the virus. This is true for any disease and infection. A strong mind and body can fight with any disease, infection, and virus.

& yet we have no focus on preventive healthcare, no knowledge of the elements of good health, no knowledge of the right forms and mix of exercises, no knowledge of how food can be used as medicines, no knowledge of mental health. We have become only money maniac. We know how to earn money and whatever it takes. Nothing more nothing less.

People suffering from heart diseases or diabetes or any such lifestyle chronic diseases would think how to earn more, excel in careers, and continue to live with daily doses of medicines. He would not think about how to get rid of medicines and live a healthy lifestyle.  

This needs to change if we have to face the onslaught of one after the other viruses.  

Here I present a five-fold strategy to deal with our body emeries.

Exercise & Corona

  1. Exercise

How you differ from the army men? They do daily exercise, you don’t. You can’t go to the front to fight not because you don’t know how to use the weapons but because your fitness level makes you ineligible. 

You are fighting a daily battle with the system, office/work, pollution, but you don’t think like army men and make an effort to keep yourself, fitter.

What the celebrity author and diet professional Rujuta Diwekar says in her book Don’t lose out work out is an eyeopener,” Every Indian has a burning desire to live or die without being a burden (financial or emotional) on their children or immediate family members. We want to die ‘haste haste’ or after a meal or in our sleep and of course we want to play with grandchildren before that. But we live doing nothing about fulfilling this desire.

We condemn spending money on gyms, indulge in morning walks more for fun than for fitness, have long gaps between our meals, sleep with the TV on, basically make very little time or monetary investment into ensuring that disability, partial or total, will not occur.

And this needs to change because a well-structured exercise plan can do miracles, really. It can reverse aging or anti-age us by as much as 20 years in as little as 12 weeks. Which means, take that wheelchair away, aunty ji is now gonna walk Ulta on the escalator.”

This book is mandatory reading if you really care about your health.

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Yoga & Corona

  • Asana and Pranayama

Asana: Is about physical postures. It is about the body. Doing physical postures help you to keep the body function and flexibility in order.

Pranayama: Is about breathing exercises. Prana is about the life force. Pranayama means controlling the life force i.e. breaths.

This is a mandatory daily chorus everyone must do. Asana and Pranayama offer immense benefits. Regular practice can keep your organs fit and Pranayama keep your mind and breathing organs fit and fine.

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Know more from the legend BKS Iyengar books:

Light on Yoga: The Classic Guide to Yoga by the World’s Foremost Authority

Light on Pranayama: The Definitive Guide to the Art of Breathing

Food as a medicine

  • Nutritious Food

The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition. —Thomas Edison

The foods we eat maintain our bodies. Every part of the body gets nutrition from the food we eat.

Every food we eat has 4 qualities i.e. rasa (taste), guna (attributes), virya (potency), and vipaka (post-digestive effect). (Source – The Science of Ayurveda)

Our body is made up of Dosha, Dhatu, and Mala.

Three Doshas are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  Our health is dependent on the equilibrium of these three Doshas.

The food we eat either balance or imbalance these Doshas.

Malnutrition is not a problem only with poor people. Every one of us is malnourished. Some lack protein, some vitamin/s, some calcium, some minerals. Most of our chronic diseases are the result of our malnutrition.

This is the reason the food we eat should nourish our bodies. The food without nutrition is creating pressure on the body organs. Over a period of time, this malnutrition creates disease.

It is not only about physical food; it is also about our mental food. News, information, content wrong/fake, and negative whatever we consume impacts our thinking and influences our health.  

Be very cautious about what you eat and choosier about what your mind eats. Usually, we are careful about our food but we are careless about the food of our mind.

Our food is our medicines. This we have practiced for centuries before the invention of Allopathic medicines in 1810. With the arrival of allopathic medicines and quick recovery from the disease, we have forgotten this science.

Indian system of Ayurveda and Naturopathy do sue food as a medicine.  There is an Institute of Food as Medicine. Theis purpose is;   

The Food as Medicine Institute aims to provide evidenced-based nutrition education to individuals, families, and communities while nourishing healthy relationships with whole foods and educating health care professionals on the use of food as medicine in the prevention and reduction of chronic disease.

The food we eat plays a vital role in building or running our body.  But remember food can ruin your body if the choice is unhealthy and thoughtless. Eat plenty of nutritious food. 

“There are foods that accelerate aging and entropy, and others that renew and revitalise the body.”

Deepak Chopra

There are interesting books Healing Foods, eat your way to a healthier life by Frankie Morland and Healing Through and Natural Foods by Dr. H.K Bakhru

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Mental Fitness

  • Mental Health

This is important. Your strong body can become weak if you keep the mental health loophole open. If you are infected with Corona, and you tell yourself oh God! it’s over now, then the strong body can not respond as strongly. The story you tell yourself has a powerful impact on yourself. This shall go and I will fight it, this spirit gives your body power to fight the disease.

Imagine a military General is weak and passing a weak message to his team of soldiers. What would happen to the morale of the soldiers? They would succumb easily rather than giving a tough fight. All tough battles are won by a strong leader and team of fewer soldiers sheer by the power of their state of mind.

 “Increasing the strength of our minds is the only way to reduce the difficulty of life.” Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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If you think mental toughness is what you need to cultivate. Here is a powerful book In Search of a Meaning by Viktor Frankl.  

  • Medicines

Yes, it is necessary. Don’t self-medicate. Ask the doctor. Take it as advised, don’t apply your common nonsense. Take regular vitamins, minerals, and calcium as advised by your doctor.

There are home remedies that aid the cure as well as boost health.

Warm water gargling, steam breathing, eye exercises, and maintain proper hygiene.  

Our body is the strong army, our food and minerals are the weapons, and our resolve to remain fit and do exercise is our determined leadership applied to the self. Without these attributes defending the body from the infections, the disease would be difficult.

Like Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, the Prime Minister should make the Fit India movement a massive movement to make the citizen ready to deal with the known and unknown body enemies. Everyone has to participate because not only one machhar (mosquito) but even one virus can kill us if we are weak and vulnerable.   

It’s time to take charge of our health and fitness without delay. This is the most powerful way to deal with the present pandemic and all prevailing epidemics. 

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