Corona Case Study

What You Need to Know – 1st hand COVID 19 Case Study

“Things do not change; we change.” Henry David Thoreau.

A Sigh and a sigh of relief.

Lockdown, quarantine, isolation, co-morbidity, are the words to be awarded the words of the year 2020.

We realize the dreadedness of the Corona Virus infection when someone close to us is infected and we know from them what they go through.

June has been a shocking month. One of my acquaintances for the last 40 years, died of COVID. Age 65, a moneyed and quote active entrepreneur, with some co-morbid issues died after 15 days of hospitalization. It was shocking and worrying news.

The husband of my dear friend was recently diagnosed with COVID 19 Positive.

She is quite eloquent in sharing her 1st hand experience for the benefit of all including the Govt. Here is what she has to say about her experience.

Over to Chandani (name changed):

Possible Source of Virus:

Regarding the virus resources I wanted to share that my husband was working from home only. We hardly used to go out once in 10 days. That too we used to give orders and just pick up the things. The last visit was one week prior to when he got a fever on 1st June night. In that visit also the same thing and had gone to the bank to deposit the cheque. So honestly no idea of virus sources.

Corona Symptoms

Initial Symptoms:

When the fever and cold started on 1st June night we both had gone into self-isolation. We had stopped steeping out of our house as a precautionary measure. We had informed our floor neighbours immediately on Tuesday morning. They were helping us with all deliveries.

Due to cyclone and rains on 2nd and 3rd June, we thought because of weather change this has happened. But still, we had taken all steps which were required. However, when till 3rd June night fever did not stop, on 4th June morning Doctor advised us to get it tested for COVID along with other fever panel tests and few blood tests including sugar as he is a diabetic patient.

Dr. Rohini Badwe helped us a lot in this crucial time. She came like an angel to help us. We both don’t have enough words to show our gratitude towards both Drs. Mr & Mrs. Badwe.

Immediate Actions:

On 4th June we approached SRL Diagnostics for the COVID tests and other tests and they gave us an appointment for 5th June. On 5th June we went for the tests but my husband’s oxygen level was a little low. Then in the evening, his blood reports came and sugar level was high and fever was not getting down.

So, on Dr’s advice, we decided to admit him to a Lifeline Hospital hospital in Kandivali. (COVID result was to come on 6th evening). Then more problems started as he was COVID Suspect and hence to get admission in any hospital was very tough. Again, at this stage, Dr. Rohini came to our help and due to her contacts, we got admission in the hospital.


Then on 6th, we got a call in the morning from BMC (report had not come yet ) that test results were positive (first time in life got a shock of being positive ). Then I and Dr. Badwe and our other friends and family started all struggles to shift him to a bigger hospital like Nanavati, Hinduja, Fortis, etc but all efforts were in vain.

We used so many contacts but still did not get any beds available. In Kandivali hospital the only problem was, it was not having an ICU facility and that’s why we wanted him to shift in case of any emergencies. However, the hospital administration assured me that in case such a necessity arises, they will shift him to their Dindoshi hospital.  By God’s grace such necessity did not arise.

Hospital doctors were sending me all the reports and updates regularly. They were kind enough to talk with me at regular intervals. The biggest tragedy of hospitalization due to coronavirus is no relatives can meet the patient.

After regular tests, medicines, anxiety, hope, loneliness, tiffin from friend’s place, 10 days got over. He was finally tested negative. A sigh of relief for both of us.


Our Gratitude:

We are thankful to all the medical and non-medical staff of Lifeline Hospital Thakur Village for their treatment, concern, and services. We also want to thank all medical and non-medical staff of all hospitals for working tirelessly for the well-being of all COVID Patients.

We also want to thank MC members to be with us in their wishes and prayers in this crucial time.

A big fat thanks you for our floor neighbours for helping us in every step before hospitalization and post-hospitalization. Both the families have done so much which no one could have done in this situation.

Thanks to all our family members and friends who have helped us so much and doing all the things which they could have done from distance. Everyone’s wishes and prayers only have helped us to sail through this situation.

Once again, a big big big thank you to Dr. Rohini Badwe. You are such a darling️.

What the Govt Needs to do:

All hospital staff is exhausted fighting this pandemic but still, they are doing it tirelessly. When everyone of us is afraid of this COVID they are facing it day in day out. Many hospitals are having big shortage of tier 3 & tier 4 hospital staff. Moreover, they have a lot of extra money to pay e.g. 2/3 times salary to staff, doctor’s accommodation in hotels, PPE kits, garbage disposal, etc, etc.

Hospital’s main income always was from surgeries that are not at all there in this situation as govt is forcing almost all nursing homes and other hospitals to convert into COVID one. So in nutshell, the hospital expenses are increasing 2/3 folds and income side very less.

In such a situation govt has not come out to help them financially but are issuing notification after notifications. We general public is feeling hospitals are minting money as we are paying very high charges (roughly minimum 50k per day in a separate room and around 35/38k in twin sharing).

So, we show our anger towards hospitals and medical and non-medical staff. But actually, it’s the government who is not shelling out any money to help the hospitals and people of Mumbai. BMC is Asia’s richest municipality. As per audited accounts of 2018-19 BMC has got Rs. 850 Crs of reserved contingency funds and Rs. 345 crs. had come into CM’s relief fund for COVID. Still, govt had used only Rs. 23 crs. only for health facilities in Maharashtra till 10th June.

So many migrant workers were jobless and were having nothing to eat but govt did not think of providing them PPE kits and money to work as 3/4 tier workers in the hospital. In KEM hospitals Drs are giving food to patients and are driving ambulances also.

We as Mumbai public are not vocal in favour of medical staff and asking govt that why govt is not spending money received from Mumbaikars for the welfare of Mumbaikars. Instead, we are questioning hospitals and Drs.

In 1st week of June, Maharashtra govt had taken out a circular for interns Drs that if it’s found that Drs got COVID due to their negligence they will punish them and extend their internship. Drs are very well aware of the disease so how anyone will show any negligence?

It’s so ridiculous but none of us are raising voices. There are no separate treatment facilities for Drs in entire Mumbai so Drs also have to wait long for the bed. Drs are dying and govt is not doing anything. It’s we who can be with Drs and pressurize govt.

I have given so many ideas about how govt can help hospitals to reduce their cost but everything is in vein. It’s going to deaf ears. Please do your bit to be vocal on all social media to help Drs. Media is showing that dead bodies are not taken but they are not asking govt that why don’t you increase the staff strength and provide PPE kits and extra salary to them to do their duties.

Quarantined facilities have more problems. If we can create the same in our society it will be very much helpful for all.

Covid Lessons

In the final analysis:

Don’t get disheartened by reading my experience and have negativity in mind. The very basic and must essential is the positivity of mind. My husband was in the hospital, I got serious burn injury in my leg still I was always very positive. I always thought that it’s a normal health issue and we both will fight it back. This positive approach only has helped us to ride over.

Few points to ponder for everyone:

  • Keep a check on your immunity and take all precautions.
  • Be positive in your life and don’t get panic
  • Be prepared for this disease but do take all precautions that it should not come.
  • Make everyone in the family especially children and elderly ones to be ready to stay alone. (This is the biggest problem with this disease that no one can accompany you neither in the hospital nor in a quarantine facility. It’s very tough to be alone but we all have to learn it as that will only help us to overcome.
  • Don’t stop doing your normal activities (with all precautions and care) because that might have ill impact on your physical and mental health.
  • Especially people are with BP, sugar, asthma, heart problems or any other illness have to be very careful. If symptoms persist for more than 2 days immediately consult the doctor. Timely treatment will help a lot.

Some points on the financial side:

  • Nowhere cashless treatment is available through you to have insurance so please keep liquidity in your bank account.
  • Cash in the house will not help as no one will be able to take it from you to pay the hospitals and you will not be able to go as you are in quarantine.
  • Have proper insurance but be prepared that you might get 50% only of the claim ( I have not yet submitted my claim but looking to the invoice description and my experience as professional I am not much hopeful beyond it )
  • Money in Fixed Deposit also will not help as to claim prematurely bank need a sign of all deposit holders and physical submission)

So, this was Chandani, quite relieved with the return of her husband back home, happy with the doctors and the staff but a bit angry with the system.

As you are tempted to go out encouraged by Govt relaxation guidelines, you need to know how the virus spreads.

Coronavirus spreads from human to human. You could get infected by your friends you meet, vendors of things you go out to buy, your office colleagues, your neighbours or fellow walkers in the complex, kids your kids are meeting for any reason & from everyone who could have been infected you don’t know.

Every human being could be a potential virus carrier.  Avoid physical human contacts unless it’s absolutely a must. Your negligence could result in devastation for your family.

“Don’t be afraid of being scared. To be afraid is a sign of common sense. Only complete idiots are not afraid of anything.” Carlos Ruiz Zafón

We have to change our behaviour, thinking, and foolishness in the guise of boldness.  It’s economic reasons the Govt. is opening up, not because it’s any safer.

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