Post Corona World

The Post Corona World – A Post from 15th Aug 2020

The whole world fought and united against the Corona Virus during the 1st half of this year. Now in this post-Corona World, we all have many lessons and thoughts to ponder over. These lessons are for all, the Govts, the society, and the individuals.

“It is from the level of calamities, not that of every-day life, that we learn impressive and useful lessons.”  William Makepeace Thackeray

We have become wiser in the last 8 months on the following aspects:

  • We all now know that ‘we’ human’s inhumanity with the non-human living being could be disastrous and could make us humans’ extinct species on the earth. It is vital to notice what the famous philosopher and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson had said,” Every calamity is a spur and a valuable hint.”
  • We all now know that proactive, faster, and bolder Govts. actions could have prevented the gravity of the damage.
  • The Govts now know what needs to be done in times of mega calamities to reach the poor and the needy to feed them and to help them survive.
  • We all now know how countries are wasting resources on fighting for human differences than preparing for and fighting natural calamities.
  • We all know how our medical facilities are inadequate to deal with the pandemic of this scale.
  • We all now know that a few loose cannons by not obeying Govt guidelines caused larger damage. The culture of defying Govt for everything, the mindset of ‘I am’ above the law, the glorification of lawbreakers in social circles, must be changed (Especially in India). We need a culture that the lawbreakers must be ashamed of their conduct.
  • We all now know that who are the real warriors in times of crisis and where to put our money in the service of humanity.
  • We all now know that self-discipline, leadership, and disaster management skills are some of the key skills everyone must learn in the schools than wasting years in learning irrelevant (in times of Google) subjects.
  • We all now know that rich and poor both are equal when it comes to fear of death and actual death. All your money and power become useless when the death strikes.
  • We all now know that managing within limited means saved us during lockdown periods and economic crisis followed thereafter. This crisis should begin the new era of the Minimalist lifestyle.
  • We all now know that most of us have nothing else to do if we are lockdown for a few days. The irony is living with the self and family has become a boring part of life.
  • We all now know how ‘me’ time, family time, and doing what we like to do are the sum total of what we call life.
  • We all now know how fragile is the life that we take it for granted and postpone to live some other day.

Should all these learnings make us live differently than how we used to live when we celebrated the new year 2020? If the answer is Yes, then the next question is How?

“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.” Tim Fargo


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