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Want to Live Longer? A Post About the Old Age You Need to Read

Today I am happy to share a story by my niece Dr. Devanshi Shah. On our request, she wrote especially for the readers of this Blog. It is a heart-warming experience sharing by her but it also raises many questions about the society and our dealing with the elders. It also should awaken your mind to set the right priority for your life. Because at the end of the life stage what matters is love, emotions, and time of people around us.

“In youth, the days are short and the years are long. In old age, the years are short and days are long.” Pope Paul VI

Over to Dr. Devanshi:

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Devanshi. By education, I am a physical therapist but my profession is to take care of the happiness of people who are diseased physically and mentally.

I am working in an Old Age Rehabilitation Center, the workplace which is like a home and full of positivity. As a Health Officer for six years now I am learning new things about life, types of people, human behavior, human psychology day in and day out.

In the rehabilitation center, reside the people with wise intellect, young heart, but old physique.

Each life lived is incredible in itself. It includes every taste of happiness, sorrow, hardships, love, struggle, failures, success, and lots more.

People with diseases and in sorrow are taken care of by the people with sorrow. People taking care of are our staff coming from rural areas. Each one has different painful stories in one or the other way.

Sorrow Plus Sorrow creates Happiness.

Everyone earns money but my Job earns me a blessing daily which I am very proud of it.

I am writing this article to share a few things which I learned and experienced about old age and to give the world a new vision to see these people.

The term caring is very simple to understand but when it comes to action, it becomes complex. All Humans expect, they should be cared for by someone in every stage of life.

Old Age Care

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Caring for kids is obvious as we understand that they are dependent in every way on others.

Old age care is difficult as the people who are expected to take care of them are unable to understand their mind, body, and needs.

The old age is a stage of life where people are knowingly heading towards their end, end of life as humans. Upon which they have the burden of disease nowadays. The soul with the wearied body still has the hope of happiness which gets ruined by loneliness.

Empathy is the most important thing to have when it comes to caring in old age.

The tragedy of life is that when we have people we run after money and can’t find time for them and when we have money and time, we don’t have those people with us.

I have 100s of stories to share. Each one very interesting to know. Each one is unfortunately sad. As in the end, the whole existence and the things done go in vain. I have seen many deaths in these six years. Every single time it happens I feel there is no meaning to anything lived.

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You can’t find a single person for whom you lived, worked, earned. The ones we call our loved ones are not even ready to touch the body. I get two emotions together one of anger and one of sorrow.

But now I am used to all this and with the true spiritual knowledge, I overcome all this.

I was once asked in an interview by the lady came to the center, who was planning to write a book on our elder’s life story:

How you balance your life to keep everyone happy and having a smile on the face always?

I replied, it automatically happens.

Old Age Care

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.” Tia Walker.

It’s my humble request to all young ones reading this is:

  • First of all, the elders require empathy towards them,
  • Respect them and love them.
  • Spend time with them, time to listen to them
  • After that comes the care.

If you take care of these, 50% of mental care of elderly people is already taken care of. This can prevent major psychological illness which the world is facing like Dementia and Alzheimer. This would make taking care of the remaining 50% of the physical body easier.

“These trembling hands no longer have the confidence it exuded a few years ago. Hope has been extinguished and uncertainty is what remains for the rest of my days now.” Adhish Mazumder.

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