Money & Happiness

Know How Money Can Bring Happiness for You

Do you know money also can bring happiness? Contrary to what you have heard, money can bring happiness to you and your family.

The only condition is you need to be vigilant of what you are doing with the money.  Here we list down 5 ways your money can bring you happiness. Know it well and harvest your happiness with your money.

  1. If You Invest Wisely

Invest money when you have it is the way to secure your future happiness. People who waste their money when they have it are the example of people inviting unhappiness.

Investing for the future i.e. securing the future of the family, securing the education of your children, securing the health expenses of your family, and investing to secure your retirements are the source of your happiness.

Money is required for all these investments. If you have the money to do investments which gives you peace of mind, money does bring happiness to you and your family.

  1. If You Spend Sensibly

Yes, if spent sensibly it can permit you to buy things which can give you happiness. You can eat healthy food with your money and you can also eat junk food with your money.

Your choice of where you wish to spend your money decides whether it brings happiness or pain.

It is a matter of your choice. You can be happy with your choices of sensible things. You can be unhappy with your choices of insensible things.

If you chose to be happy, money could be a means to it.

“Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs” Zig Ziglar

Solve your problems with the money, don’t create the problem by spending your money thoughtlessly.

  1. If You Don’t Allow It to Spoil You and Your Family

More money spoils the family. If you don’t care about the money and don’t respect it, it can become a very bad master. It can spoil your family, it can spoil relations and it could be a reason for family disputes.

But those families who respect the money, care for the money and do not allow it to be wasted by their children recklessly, for those families money could be a source of happiness.

If more money is used for bad things, it vanishes the happiness it has the potential to bring. Money in itself is not useful but what you do with it decides happiness or havoc for the family.

Don’t be careless about the money even if you are a moneyed person.

  1. If You Can Help Others Who Are Needy

This could be the best use of the money you have. If your money is useful for the needy the happiness it brings to you and the needy multiplies.

This could be the reason when the money you have can bring happiness to you and others.

  1. If You Are Content With What You Have

“In today’s world, money is like oxygen – lack of oxygen can kill you, so can too much of it.” Abhijit Naskar, Time to Save Medicine

Contentment could be a source of Happiness. If you are content with whatever money you have or you are earning, it brings happiness. The problem is your constant desire for more money. This run for more is the cause of unhappiness.

Money is important for your survival and therefore you need money. You need to distinguish between the reasonableness and desire for excess.

The question you need to ask is whether your money is a means of an end or it is an end?

If you run for money just for the sake of it will not bring happiness. If you run for the money for wrong reasons like prestige, social status, peer comparison, to accumulate access, to splurge it becomes a source of unhappiness.

All rich people are not happy that means happiness lies somewhere else. Poor people are unhappy for lack of money and rich people are unhappy for other reasons.

“It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.” Seneca

Find the right reasons and money can make you happy.


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