6 things (unusual) to do when you are down with a severe backache

“Today’s tears sweep the road to tomorrow’s blessings.” Matshona Dhliwayo

A severe backache is very painful. It almost immobilizes you. But like we are taught daily by hundreds of motivational message on Whatsapp, we have to see the positive side of everything.

Therefore, I have found that a severe backache has its own advantages. This is a blessing in disguise.

Today is the third day of my bed rest, but I am enjoying it. I am enjoying it with the things I wanted to do but somehow could not prioritize with my ‘so-called’ busy schedule.

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Since the last three days, I am busy with the following things on my bed.


On otherwise normal days, book reading is a part of my daily schedule, but since last three days, I am overshooting my daily quota by miles.

Usually, I read two to three books parallelly. Presently I am reading the following books.   One for personal development and one for professional development.

The real artists don’t starve by Jeff Goins is a must-read book for everyone who wants to do something non-routine in life. His other book which I would recommend is The art of work. Both the books could be a life-changing read for readers.

The duct tape selling by John Jantsch is again a must read for everyone.  We all are sellers whether we sell goods, services, or ideas. The author is known for giving hundreds of real-life tactics and tricks.  I also liked his previous book The Referral Engine.  


A Podcast is a kind of blog, but Podcasts are audio blogs. Listening to a podcast is very convenient and easy as compared to books. I am listening podcast by Tim Ferris and Jeff Goins both my favourite bloggers/Podcasters.

Ted Talks:

Ted Talks are inspirational talks. Ideally, everyone should listen to one Ted Talk daily. This should not necessarily be of an area of your interest, but there are various topics people are talking about and it would be great to know new topics once in a while.

My agenda for tomorrow is to listen following Ted Talks:


I also listened, two videos which I have converted into MP3, lectures by Dr, Hukamchand Bharill on the subject of the holy book on Jainism, Samay Saar.

This is 25 series videos. Here is a link for those interested.  This is in Hindi. (For spiritually inclined, this could be life changing).


Free time and art of doing noting also sprung up many new ideas. Keep your note and pen near you. Write down ideas as they occur. It could be about your personal or professional aspects. This is the best time to generate more ideas which you can use when you are fit and fine. Remember, writing down is very important as it comes and goes in a fraction of a second and some will never return.


Yes, backache recovers by doing select exercises under the guidance of a trained fitness trainer or a physiotherapist. I have an in-house (my wife) Fitness Trainer so I am also doing exercises necessary for the recovery.

In fact, the idea of writing this post occurred to me while I was doing the exercise.

I am using an exercise ball to sit while I am writing this post. This helps in managing my pain, as unlike chair or mattress, the ball helps my spine not pushed against the flat surface.

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While my backache is getting cured, I am becoming a better person with the consumption of so much powerful content.

Bonus activities: One can also watch movies and listen to favourite music.

All in all, whenever you are down with the weak health use the free time available to your advantage. So when you are recovered, you come out from the sickness not only by becoming a better body but also by becoming a better person.

“To simply wake up every morning a better person than when I went to bed.” Sidney Poitier

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