Kerala – Our Own Country

Planning a tour for us is equally exciting as the tour itself. Our journey begins when we start to discuss about our tour. Planning itinerary to selecting homestay or hotels everything comes with an agenda for discussion. Convincing a grown-up daughter about the homestay is a challenge.

Usually, we prefer homestays wherever possible. Our experience with homestay has been wonderful. Be it in Coorg (2), Shimla (Fagu) (2) and now Kerala (4).

After selecting homestay we rigorously read TripAdvisor reviews. Some were rejected for only one but a pertinent bad review in spite of many good reviews. There was a consensus about three homestays. But Thekkady was a point of debate. Panthalams Homestay had rave reviews. The property and photographs looked little weak. Finally, reviews won and we booked the homestay. We are happy we chose the homestay. Reasonably good homestay offered great views and finest service by the owner Sukhoor.

The goal is not luxurious but comfortable, a decent and clean place to stay.

Other homestays were Aroma at Cochin, Meenakshi at Kumarakom and Anna Homestay at Munnar. At all the places we have had a great hospitality experience with the homestay owners.

This time we decided to cover four destinations. Selecting four destinations in a beautiful Kerala was a challenge. We zero down on Cochin, Kumarakom, Thekkady, and Munnar. Wayanad, Puvar island and Thiruananthpuram also came for discussion.

We booked a vehicle from Cochin Airport to Cochin Airport for the entire journey from Kerala car. We were happy with the vehicle and driver.

Kerala offers beaches, backwater, hill stations, and tea gardens, island, temples, and spices, and food. The state tourism department promotes the state as God’s Own Country.

Let the photo journey begin.

Cochin Airport
Cochin Airport
2 Aroma Homestay
Aroma Homestay
3 Beach Kochi Fort Cochin
Kochi Fort Beach
4 Fashion Show at Beach
Fashion Show at Kochi Beach
5 Kerala breakfast Cochin
Kerala breakfast
6 Cardamom Spice Market Cochin
Spice Cardamom, Kay Cee Corporation, Cochin
7 Clove Spice Kerala
Spice Clove, Spice Market Cochin
8 Flowers
Flowers Market Cochin
9 Kerala meal
Kerala meal
10 Homestay Owners Cochin
With Aroma Homestay Owners
11 Kumarkom Homestay
Kumarakom Homestay
12 Backwater Kumarkom
Backwater Kumarakom
13 Breakfast Kumarkom
Breakfast Kimarakom
Fitness First at Kumarakom
14 Homestay Owners Kumarkom
With Homestay Owners
15 Coconut
Kerala Coconut
17 View from Homestay Thekkedy
View from Thekkady Homestay
18 Breakfast Thekkedy
Breakfast Thekkady
19 Ayurvedic Digestive Drink
Ayurveda Drink
20 Banana Wafer
Banana Wafer in the making
21 Banana Wafer Ready
Ready banana wafer
22 Elephant Thekkedy
Elephant Point, Thakkady
23 Periyar Wildlife
Periyar Wildlife, Thakkady
24 Periyar Wildlife Jungle
Inside Wildlife Sanctuary
25 Periyar Wildlife Lake
Lake in the sanctuary
26 Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
27 Perirar Spice Garden
Periyar Spice Garden

27 Spice market Thekkedy

Spice market, Thekkady

28 Homestay Panthalams Thekkedy
WIth homestay owners Thekkady
29 Anna Homestay Munnar
Homestay at Anachal, Munnar
30 Entrannce Lobby Munnar Homestay
Entrance Homestay
31 Homestay garden Munnar
Garden Homestay
32 Echo Point Munnar
Echo Point Munnar
33 Green Munnar
Munnar Hills
34 Rose Garden Munnar
Rose garden Munnar
35 Munnar Rose Garden 1
Rose Garden Munnar
36 Tea Garden Munnar (1)
Tea Garden Munnar
37 Tea Garden Munnar
Inside Tea garden Munnar
38 View from tea garden munnar
View from the tea garden


Saravana Bhavan Munnar
The famous Saravana Bhavan Munnar


40 Sada Dosa
Sada Dosa
40 Sugarcane
Sugarcane, market Munnar
41 Saree Making Munnar
Saree Society Munnar
42 Saree Society Munnar
Saree Society, Munnar
43 TeaLeaves tea museum
tea leaves, Tea Museum Munnar
39 Saravana Bhavan Munnar
Veg hotel on way, near Cochin Airport

It was a beautiful journey of a beautiful state. Remember, best rate species are available in Cochin, not in Munnar and Thekkady.


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