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24 Fitness – Happiness posts you shouldn’t miss

Every online reader is busy making new contacts, career move and expand their area of influence. However, everyone agrees there is a life beyond networking, career, job, and business.

At the end of the day, we all are after Happiness, present, and future. This is a Blog about Fitness, Wellness, and Happiness. These are intangibles we all miss in a daily life but aspire for every day.

Some of the blog posts you might have missed are;


Know why your next meal will be different

How food imbalance is ruining your life

One food ingredient, our worst enemy


How exercise benefits in 6 health conditions?

8 tips for busy women to find time for exercise

6 things you must know about walking

12 reasons to correct your body postures


11 immense benefits of Surya Namashkar (Sun Salutation)

Know why will you meditate from today

11 wonderful benefits of fasting


14 eating practice as per Ayurveda

10 benefits of a magic spice- Cinnamon

Our health festivals and Lemon Juice


How to be happy, always?

8 plus benefits of 6 x 5 work life

Death is certain, want to live?

How 7 points Anekantavada brings happiness?


How we waste our short life?

Tools of Titan, tools for everyone

Are you an introvert? Quiet is for you


The real maths or body and Soul

Physics of Laws of Karma

Laws of Attracting Karma

Getting rid of Karma

This is the only place you get relevant posts on Fitness, Wellness and Happiness at one place

In the material world around us, subscribe the blog and get your dose of Fitness | Wellness | Happiness in your inbox. You will feel happier. Your Happiness quotient will improve.


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