Yoga Practices Fail

When do Yoga Practices Fail and How to Avoid?

The title is an awakening call for us, isn’t it? We all believe we did our Yoga Asana and Pranayama for the day in the morning and that’s it. We did our bit of remaining fit. Now it is the body’s responsibility to remain fit irrespective of whatever I do.

The following sutra from the ancient Yoga text Hathapradapika (15) says it all.

Hatha P 15

It says Yoga fails by six indulgences. These are;

  • Overeating
  • Overexertion
  • Over-talking
  • Over (Needless and Unsuitable) discipline
  • Over Socialising/ Promiscuous (Immoral) Company
  • Unsteadiness’ / Restlessness

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Many of the practitioners are not aware of this small asterisk mark (*) which says terms and conditions apply.

Most of the practitioners are effortlessly indulging in one or more such excesses without knowing the implication.

Another ancient text Gherand Samhita, adds one more important condition for the Yoga to succeed.

Gherand S 16

It says, the one who practices Yoga without control on diet (moderation of diet) will attract many diseases and will not get the benefits.

Practicing Yoga is a kind of Sadhana i.e. disciplined and dedicated practice. It will succeed and give its fruits only by observing some rules i.e. dos and don’ts.

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We have seen the don’ts above now let’s see what Hathapradapika says about the dos.

Hatha P 16

The text says; Yoga succeeds by the following six observances.

  • Enthusiasm (not practicing by force, external compulsion or inner motivation)
  • Courage /Valour
  • Adherence /Devotion
  • Discriminative Knowledge (It means using razor-like attention to separate the seer and the seen)
  • Determination/Willpower
  • Solitude (Not in the company of Promiscuous (Immoral) person

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These texts also suggest its practitioners’ parameters of success of Yoga.

Svetash Upanishaad

The text says; the first signs of entering Yoga are the lightness of the body, good health, thirst-less-ness of mind, clearness of complexion, a beautiful voice, good odor, and scantiness of excretion.

Similarly, Hathaprdapika says, the signs of success of Hatha Yoga are;  slim body, serene appearance, sonorous sound, very clear eyes, freedom from disease, control over vital fluids in the body,  stimulation of the digestive fire and complete purification of the Nadis (nerves).

This makes it aptly clear for Yoga practitioners, what works, what doesn’t and how to gauge the benefits of Yogic practices.

Over to you.

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