Climb Your Everest. Trust Your Instinct.

We all are climbing our Everest. Yes, those of us who are pursuing our passion is not any less than Everest climbers. Our expedition is ongoing and we can’t return back, the only option is one way, move ahead and upward. The result may be away or not even on the horizon, but the journey must continue.

“Trust your instinct & keep going.”

Yes, this is what Jimmy Chin has said in this interview.

Well, who is Jimmy Chin?   

He is a professional climber, mountaineer, skier, director, and photographer. His feature-length documentary Meru, co-directed with wife Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

The documentary is about his Everest expedition, with two others.

Our problem is as rightly stated by Steven Pressfield in his book: The War of Art.

“We are too distracted by our own nonsense.“   

Today I also read a quote by Gujarati author Ambalal Purani,

“Many a time nature fails us to generate enough energy to succeed, If we leave when we fail, we will never succeed. The route to success is through failures.”

During his expedition, Jimmy Chin many a time felt about leaving the expedition, but that would not have given him the desired result i.e. Success.

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Keep pursuing your dream, failures are the milestones for success. But there is no option of going back.     

If there is no uncertainty of the outcome, you are either not pursuing your dream or have not taken enough risks. Check out your own Everest. What you are pursuing where there is an uncertainty of outcome.

Then, trust your instinct and keep pursuing. By passing each failure milestone, you will hit the peak of your Everest.

When a well-known author and screenplay writer Steven Pressfield finally completed his first book after 26 months of work, the book did never find a buyer. He met his kind of mentor Paul Rink.

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He said, “I have finished.”

“Good for you, start the next one today.” Replied Paul Rink without looking up.    

Not a single buyer of the book and he was advised to start a new one. He did it. No option of going back. And Steven Pressfield is a well-known author with many great books to his credit.    

“It is one thing to study war, and another to live warrior’s life.” Telamon of Arcadia 

Wars are not only fought on the borders and with external enemies, but wars are also going on everywhere, inside, perhaps every human being on a daily basis.  

Jimmy Chin is living a warrior’s life when he is climbing the Everest. Many of us are also at war with ourselves when we are on a mission to conquer our own Everest.  

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